Death Of So Many Species Has To End

A highly debated concept in today’s age is the idea of global warming. This has been scientifically proven multiple times but yet it continues to be denied and hundreds turn a blind eye to the destruction of our one and only home, Earth. The film created a powerful statement depicting hundreds of unforgettable images that show the many species have not just been damaged but destroyed because many of those animals will never be seen again. It showed extinct species like the Kauai oo which is a species of bird.

A male bird was shown singing looking for a mate. The bird just sang and sang with no response from a female. The female would never sing its beautiful song because a female did not exist. The song stopped and so did the echo as the bird became extinct with the death of the male.

This death of so many species has to end and people have to stand up and sacrifice time to protect these creatures.

The problem is that the people that try to protect the environment just end up damaging the environment just as much. The video was able to show this with the involvement of the cameras. The film for those cameras are terrible for the environment but was very necessary to show the faces and situations of so many endangered species. The longer the cameraman films and captures images the more these activists damage the world. The technology that they use to depict the cruel life of these animals also continues to pollute the world like the devices used to record the sounds of sea creatures and other animals.

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The activists have to consume more of the worlds natural resources to be able to get the point across of all the damage being done daily.

Things are being done to reduce the heavy reliance on fossil fuels and other harsh polluting forms of energy but most of them come with some form of a negative effect that harms animals. A great way people are trying to save the Earth is through harnessing the energy of wind which is one of the cleanest forms of energy. Giant wind turbines are set up on open plains to create electricity from the wind but the issue with this is that they affect avian animals like birds and bats causing some deaths due to the use of the turbines.

Another clean way to generate electricity is through hydroelectric power. Hydroelectric power is great because it uses the movement of water to generate electricity. It is a clean form of power that has been able to generate energy but just like wind, it has some negative effects on the environment. This is seen with how it uses large areas of land to create dams and reservoirs but this ends up using what little land is left for animals to live in. These are some of the few ways people have tried to help preserve the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions being produced but instead just negatively impact the environment in some other way.

Time is running out to take action and save the planet. Many have finally realized the major damage done to the plant but not enough have decided to care and try to make a difference. The carbon emotions being releases and other forms of greenhouse gases could all be reduced with small sacrifices that all people can make. The video showed how cows create large amounts of Methane that damage the atmosphere but this can easily be reduced. If people began eating less cow meat by deciding to not consume beef one day per week this little sacrifice could go so far to reduce the emission.

A reduction in dairy product consumption could also be a small sacrifice with huge impacts in the world. To the people who are willing to go the extra mile becoming a vegan would have a greater impact to increase the lifespan this planet and its inhabitants have left. This is the only home we have been given and if something is not done soon what planet are we going to be left to show to the next generation. Without change what animals will the next generation never get to enjoy? One animal the next generation will never have the chance to enjoy is the white rhino because the last male has recently died. Only two females are left basically guaranteeing the extinction of the white rhino. Change has to be made before more beautiful creatures end with the same fate. 

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Death Of So Many Species Has To End
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