Deep-Water Oil Spills Were Very Dangerous

The term ethical leadership is a leadership approach that is coordinated by organization ethical beliefs and values. It additionally guarantees in regarding rights and dignity of others. Subsequently, it is mostly the trust, fairness and consideration that an organization adopts, while managing staffs and different people. At the point when an association keeps up proper ethics, it motivates the workers to work for it and a leader is constantly accessible to upgrade their ethical improvement.

A leadership ethics ensures the staff members of gas and oil industry to redesign and look into the machines that are with high risk.

Thus, it causes less risk for the people who are into this field. Thus, with the help of proper leadership ethics the oil and gas industry can benefit themselves by protecting the stakeholders from serious health hazards or accidents. It also protects the ecosystem by ensuring safe environment for the wildlife habitats. An ethical leader is composed with various essential values which is essential while working with large group of people.

These incorporates, care, respect and integrities. The deep-water oil spills were very dangerous, for which the ecosystem system has lots of many habitats. Here, safety is the main aspects that are to be considered first as the risk possessed here is too high. Along these lines, for implementing ethical leadership within an organization, they need to adopt few effective strategies, which is suitable for both humans and environment. These incorporate safety management, environmental risk management, culture of transparency and quality management.

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Adopting ethical leadership within oil and gas industry, it can set up transparency and cultural responsibility that is quite beneficial. Exxon missed these essential features, due to which they had to face such disasters affecting human and marine life. If the management would have taken better approach by focusing on ethical leadership, the company could have saved themselves from such loss of oil spills. For the disaster incident, the captain was responsible. The captain was with high with the level of alcohol consumption. Such issue with the captain was also faced before and the officials of Exxon have warned the captain with his alcohol related behavior. He was once charged for such behavior. However, such circumstances could have been avoided if the management would have taken initiatives in showing responsibilities and being transparent in the work. Here, the approaches of ethical leadership could be effective in preventing such irresponsible and unethical behavior.

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Deep-Water Oil Spills Were Very Dangerous
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