A Definition of Global Warming Deniers

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What is a global-denier? After reading it through the first time, there is a familiar word in there. The word denier. A denier is someone who rejects on something or an idea. Well, a global-denier is a person who denied global warming. Global warming is the rise of Earth average temperature, and the cause of such rapid change is due to human releasing excess amounts of CO2 in the air. It is hard to know whether someone is a global-denier or not just by looking at him/her.

We might think that all scientists are not global-deniers, but that isn't the case. Sometimes even some of the most intelligent scientists can be a global-denier. I was once a skeptic about climate change, but over the years more evidence point directly to climate change. This of course, changed my mind and made me care more about the environments. With an overwhelming amount of global-deniers, who rejects the reality, can slow down our progress to make changes for a cleaner environment.

Global-denier can slow us down from making changes. According to Global Trends survey, only 54% of Americans agreed that climate change is happening and the cause is human activity. While in politics, nearly 48% don't believe in climate change (Seigel). That's almost half of republicans that don't believe in climate change. That is shocking, considering the fact that they're the one whose govern the country. Also comparing to other countries, the US has the most global-deniers. This was recent, about a few months ago when Bill Nye took a stand on News TV and had a debate with a congress woman.

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And obviously, the woman is a global-denier. Here we have a debate that shouldn't be debating on TV at all. 97% of scientist already accept climate change and here we had a scientist debate with a non-scientist. What we should be doing is find a way to solve the problem, but with overwhelming of global deniers, making changes will take a decade from now.

While we wait and do nothing, and the climate keeps rising, we will hit a point of no return. We saw the effect it had done to Antarctica and the rise of ocean level. A few countries by the shore are living with water 2-3 feet above ground. Scientists can predict what our planet look like a 100 years from now and it doesn't look good at all. Only if global-deniers agree and we take action right away, then there will be hope for the future. We can reduce the amount of CO2 down to 50% by the next decade. I know this isn't going to be easy since most global deniers out there are quite stubborn, rejecting evidence and follow their own beliefs.

Not all global-deniers are ignorant on the topic of climate change, but they are rather unaccepting, having seen evidence and continuing to refuse the phenomenon. A way to demonstrate temperature increases caused by CO2 is to do an experiment, but even with all this evidence it still wouldn't satisfy a global-denier. Global-deniers wouldn't agree by stating that the suns cycle causes the rising temperatures, but studies have shown that the sun has a small impact compared to human influence.. The most common thing most global deniers would say is that this year's winter was colder than last year and that doesn't do anything with climate change. Climate is the measure in average temperature over a long period of time. In the last 200 years, the climate has increased by a few degrees. Even 1 degree Celsius can make a big difference.

Although taking action by investing in renewable energy, it still wouldn't be enough to put fossil fuel companies away. Society has to take it further and do it fast, but to do so there shouldn't be global-deniers in the way. Global-deniers who are in office can make a big difference on such event. For now it's hard for them to realize it, but the day will come when they see it with their own eyes that nothing was done for our planet.

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A Definition of Global Warming Deniers
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