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In this Report, there are two different points of views; Jair Bolsonaro point that supports the depletion of the Rainforest, while the other is against it. In the environmentalists and Jair Bolsonaro views; there are three main factors that come into play. How the political system is having a large impact on our rainforests. The use of grass roots in the rainforests, and finally how the environmentalists fear Jair Bolsonaro coming into leadership, because he said he wants to “change the destiny of brazil”.

Regarding how Jair Bolsonaro has said in the past that he doesn’t care for the rainforest and he wants to tear it down for mining and other prosperous opportunities. While this is Bolsonaro way of doing things, the environmentalists that have decided to study the rainforests in brazil. Have a very different perspective and or opinion on the matter. They would like to save the rainforest, along with all it has to offer. In the environmentalists opinions, the future of the environment, depends primarily upon how the citizens of the region change their styles of living to benefit the environmental issues at hand.

Environmental issues like the conservation such as the amazon rainforest is known as high class, leading to conflicts about whether to preserve the land and if any resource extraction can be done. All of these problems, and views have to do with the same thing how they either want to save the rainforest or exploit it.

In this article the perception, protection, and deforestation are the most important parts of it but there is also the backbone subjects like how it affects the indigenous population because of the new presidents views on how he should run the country of brazil.

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Leading the scientists to work harder to save the rainforests and all of the animals that have not yet become extinct. It will explain the views of the brazilian v.s the rest of the world and their views and how the scientists are trying to protect it but the new president is trying to destroy it bringing in the protection and the deforestation aspects. But it also ties into how the president the person helping to tear down the rainforest is also destroying the way that the indigenous people live in the amazon and that they can’t live when someone is trying to destroy it. Leading the scientists to need to come together to try and save it. It is also becoming harder to save the rainforest because of the upcoming events that have taken place due to climate change.

The views of people of the world and Brazil are very different since brazilian people are living in the country and have to deal with the problems that the amazon is facing on a daily basis, while on the other hand people from all around the world that don’t happen to live in brazil are a lot less affected and don’t seem to be acknowledging the problems that the amazon is facing,“This article examines contemporary representations of the Amazon with an eye to what is now changing, as well as why. It underscores the key role that these depictions play in shaping policy, which gives them an importance far transcending purely narrative concerns.”(Latin American Studies Association 2015). “The basic problem of tropical deforestation can be stated simply. Habitat destruction in the tropical rainforests is proceeding at an average annual rate of 100,000-200,000 [km.sup.2], an area the size of England.”(Latin American Studies Association 2015). Meaning we are losing habitats and species longer and faster than we can handle.“tropical forest habitats offer several classes of local and global values: hydrological, in preventing soil erosion and downstream siltation, and climatological, in maintaining local precipitation and the atmospheric balance of gases (Jacobs 1987, Katzman and Cale 1988). Rather than exhorting the inhabitants of tropical nations to cease and desist in deforestation, it is necessary to understand the underlying pattern of their material interests in order to alter their destructive behavior.” (Latin American Studies Association 2015). Showing how without forests climate change at this previous time would and could be alot worse because of all the things the trees and the rainforests do to help the earth beat at a steady pace like a heartbeat. Here is a map showing exactly how many habitats have been lost in the amazon throughout the past fifty years and how many of them there really was.

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