Deforestation Issue in Nepal

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Nepal is most naturally diverse country. Nepal is rich in natural beauty and natural destination with innumerable gifts of nature which attracts over a million tourists each year. The word ‘Himalaya’ is attached to our name when we talk about the natural beauty of Nepal. Of course, we start with the country of the tallest ‘Mount Everest' but all that takes over the entire discussion is this topic- natural and geographical diversity of Nepal. We can say Nepal and diversity are like bones and fish.

The substantial influence of the natural diversities has always fascinated many people including us ourselves which has sparked the controversy over the potential impact of this trend. Nepal always proudly promotes its natural diversity to the world and also offers many products through the lodging industry, resorts and other properties situated in the hill tops, riversides and even in the protected areas. While this essay will elaborate both the positive and negative effects of promotion of natural diversity in this country and even this essay shows how safe is our Nepalese Golden goose.

There are numerous reasons why Nepal promotes its natural diversity to the world through the lodging industry and many more protected areas but also the main ones and most visible, famous and magnified one lies in the fact that the tourism industry in Nepal has incomparable tourist attractions despite having very basic and even inadequate accommodation, accessibility and other available facilities and services. While reviewing the literature in the context of Nepalese tourism, Tourism Act 2035 BS (1978 AD) and hotel, lodges, restaurant, bar and tour guide regulation 2038 BS.

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(1981 AD) provide legal basis for the establishment and operation of all forms of tourism related enterprises including accommodation enterprises in Nepal. Moreover there are countless benefits to create a diverse workplace as an illustration of diversity in the workplace either through lodging industry or many other protected areas it surely increases productivity, communication and innovation. An awareness of diversity allows the company to design and provide services to the guest that are inclusive and very reflective of their unique wants or needs. Thus, promoting natural diversity and offering its products through lodging industry is definitely a very good idea also to explore the nation in a wide range all over the world.

Another key reason for uploading this nation is that Nepal is a small yet very beautiful country with diverse wildlife and rich in bio- diversity which is one of the main reasons for the attraction of the tourist and definitely helps in the economy of the country. But we also cannot deny the fact that because of the establishment many resorts, hotels in hill tops and riversides and many more protected areas has resulted in deforestation which certainly affects the natural beauty of Nepal. Nevertheless, there remain some drawbacks or challenge which can certainly overcome the potential influence of promoting the beauty of the country to the world through the hospitality but the most scare part is rooted in the fact that resorts and other properties nestle in hill tops, riverside and even in protected areas if managed according to the eco-friendly way it will definitely safe in the context of saving natural diversity. As an illustration, the hospitality sector plays an important role in welcoming the guest either it is us or tourists from other countries.

So, in my opinion promoting the natural diversity which is obviously very famous in the country, through the lodging system which involves friendly treatment of guests or tourists which cannot be separated from each other, people get to know more about our country during the period of viewing and lodging. To deal with the drawbacks which is originated by hospitality sector, resorts and many protected areas are innumerable but the most effective one is that is creates employment for the people of the country, it also undoubtedly promotes culture and traditions, explore natural beauties and overall promotes awareness which is directly benefited to the nation and people living over here. We can certainly practice the sustainable concept. Without such planning, the destination can be damaged so that the potential travelers might stay away .Nepal being a second richest country in water resources has great opportunities such as rafting in order to attract tourists promoting the tourism industry. Various resorts can be established in rural areas full of greenery; having a peaceful environment is acceptable to the elder age tourist who loves to enjoy nature. Tourists from various parts of the world can be attracted through the diversity of our country so as to make our country renowned to the overall world. The development of the tourism industry improves the economic situation of the country. Nature has gifted many unique creatures and spices to Nepal which is in verge of extinction so that little more even several steps should be taken to save nature and creature. The hotel industry is relatively made with a large number of small operations and often many hospitality and tourism companies consume a lot of water, energy for example, electricity for air conditioning and refrigerator. whether the addition of different hotel industries will destroy the uniqueness or the habitat which are already facing a lot of problems due to the excessive development of tourism.

Many hospitality locations are situated at a location according to the customer's needs such as resort, different fun park therefore not situated in a place where there is noise, traffic and cooking smell, Which subsequently affects nature and its beauty. Many enterprises are now going with the trend for sustainable practices in order to promote a green image that appeals to customer needs. The most important factor for the eco tourist has become the attraction such as (mountains, hilly area, parks).Tourist will be pleased if the cost of and travel time and environmental impact are low but if attraction and other amenities and facilities are high.sustainability has become an important issue for the hotel industry. However, sustainable travelier are often fond of nature and most importantly in a clean environment. To not have an impact on the golden goose of the country like ours, we can follow the principle of Corporate social responsibility and risk management. Plus, with CSR we can even manage the risk and consequences that might occur with nature and help in preserving the environment. In context of Nepal, where we have a lot of natural heritage sites along with its an important mark throughout the world. With years of continued use of exploration, the beauty has been decreasing. Nowadays, as many people have realized the seriousness of environmental issues and the degradation of the golden goose ,they have started following the different trend that helps to preserve nature. Tourism in the himalayas area has been adversely affected due to climate change. Due to the increased number of tourists in these areas many environmental degradation issues are occurring.

The Nepalese portion of Himalayan area is the long term pathway of international tourism. Most of the tourists come to Nepal to trek through the mountains. The world's highest mountain MT. Everest, due to the increasing flow of tourists ,the number of hotel industries is increasing rapidly. Mount Everest has become a dependable money source for many people. We can expect a lot of positive side from the government side to preserve the environment and improve the hospitality sector. We can do different plantation programs and conduct the awareness program with a number of volunteers from Nepal and around the world. These remarkable places and heritages are not only a part of what makes Nepal a world wide popular travel destination, but there are various things that need to be properly protected, preserved and maintained, so that the future can also enjoy the beauty as much as we can enjoy today. Regardless of how one traveler affects the environment and the local communities. The growing illegal trade, habitat loss, unplanned infrastructure development, increasing number of hotel industries should be minimized.

However, Nepalese golden goose plays a significant role in improving the country's economy . Massive amount of resources is included to accommodate the tourists in Nepal. Tourism has become the main source of employment for many residents. The natural heritage sites have glorified the country name across the world. The himalayas nation with its natural and cultural blessing are proved. All the heritages are different in aspect providing a different experience. Hence, it is our responsibility to preserve the nation's pride and to contribute for the nation. With the implementation of sustainable practice and minimization use of resources we can forever be a proud citizen.

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Deforestation Issue in Nepal
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