A Description of the Four Main Kinds of Alternative Energy Sources

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Alternative Energy resources are becoming a much bigger deal as the level of fossil fuels remaining on earth slowly depreciates. Another issue is pollution. Eventually we won't be able to use gas and oil in our cars they will run solely on something like solar energy. Things like Hydroelectric power have been around for many many years, just not with such magnitude or demand. There are four main kinds of alternative energy sources, they are:

Solar Energy

Solar energy is used to do various things.

For instance, heat, light, and cooling are all very common uses for solar electricity. The solar rays are converted by solar cells that turn the light directly into electricity. This is a very good idea and in no way really pollutes the earth. On the contrary, what would we do on a cloudy day? We would have to just go without electricity. Some larger businesses have their own solar cell so that they can save money on energy they would normally have to purchase.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is yet another for of alternative energy that has proven that if it can be harnessed, controlled, and used to suit our needs it can be a prominent source of energy. Three Huge blades are mounted on a rotor. These blades are spun by the wind and the rotors convert that into electricity. The rotor and blade is held high in the air by a large pole. This pole has all the equipment in it to transport the energy to the ground where it is then transported to the powerplant.

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After this all that is left to do is send it to the customers. The main catch in this plan is: What if the wind isn't blowing? If the wind isn't blowing then we would have no energy. Of course we could always store it up, but that would be more hassle than it was really worth.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy is a method which is less used than the previous two. It involves pumping heat and warm water up from the ground and is able to convert it into energy. This can be used nearly everywhere because the first ten feet of ground almost all around the world is able to maintain a pretty constant temperature. This is great for the environment because it releases little or no emissions into the air.

Hydro Energy

Where there are rivers there is a good chance that we can use their flowing energy to create electricity. As the water flows downstream, it can be used to turn giant turbines, which like wind energy turbines, can be used to create electricity. Most commonly the electricity is controlled with the use of dams. This is very good because water is almost always flowing, and really has no harm to the environment.

If we don't start switching to alternative energy resources soon, we will run out of fossil fuels, and then we won't be ready to switch and the new energy will cost far too much. Sooner or later, we have to change.


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A Description of the Four Main Kinds of Alternative Energy Sources
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