Development of Technological apabilities and Impact on the Environment

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The character will be a part of a graphic novel. The story of Ra Un’Tharr is about bringing together two opposing races: the humans and the anamorphs.

General Origin Story:

This story begins off the east coast of North America. Once sharing a common ancestor with ancient humans, this character’s race found solace in the water. The ocean and seabed were abundant with food and the rocky shores offered safety from land-based predators. Over millions of years of evolution, this offshoot race of humans began to adapt to their new environment.

Their fingers and toes, while still mostly human, began to develop aquatic webbing in between the fingers and toes. This aided them in navigating their new aquatic environment. They also developed a large crab claw appendage in place of their dominant hand. These creatures used this claw like a trawl, scooping sea invertebrates from the seabed. Like fiddler crabs, another species with one larger extremity, anamorphs also used their claw to attack and defend themselves.

It could be used as a blunt weapon. However, its size and the strength of its exoskeleton meant it also could be used as a shield (“Fiddler Crabs”, 2015). At an indeterminable time, when the difference between themselves and humans was significant enough, they began to refer to themselves as anamorphs.

Aquamorphs preferred isolation and feared the presence of humans. Whenever a human settlement cropped up along one of their coasts, there was no conflict; The anamorphs simply ceded the territory. Due to their skittish nature and a propensity to stay hidden, anamorphs were rarely seen and were wholly unknown to the majority of humans.

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As humans became more advanced and their infrastructure grew, the volume of pollution ending up in the oceans increased. As the situation grew direr and direr, it was up to the anamorphs to procure the human’s attention. Unfortunately, none of the anamorphs were up to the challenge. After all, such fearlessness goes against their very nature. That is until one anamorph began to exhibit strange qualities…

Personal Origin Story and Purpose:

Ra Un’Tharr was a male anamorph living in his anamorph tribe. From a young age, Ra was noticeably different from his peers. He was curious and daring. While others shirked away from human civilization, Ra was enthralled with it. He would often leave his tribe for many days, secretly observing the intricacies of human life. Aquamorphs were taught that humans were to be avoided at all costs; That they were dangerous. The more Ra watched the humans, the more he began to doubt what he had been taught. Ra became convinced that humans and anamorphs were more similar than different. He believed that a union could be created, that would allow his species to coexist with humans.

During this period, massive change was occurring in human civilization. The advent of steam technology led to a technological revolution. Advancing its technological capabilities, by any means possible, became the goal of human industry. Thus, the environment was now seen as a resource, not something to preserve. As the water pollution levels rose, the Grand Elder knew that something drastic had to be done. Deliberating with his council, a decision was made. The Grand Elder called on and requested that Ra venture onto land to negotiate with the humans. With his fearless nature and familiarity with humans, Ra was a natural choice. With his newfound purpose, Ra left his tribe and pursued his new objective: To foster a close relationship with humans and solve the water pollution crisis affecting his people.


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Development of Technological apabilities and Impact on the Environment
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