The Difference between Biome and Ecosystem

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A biome is a geographic area where living things live e.g habitat, and an ecosystem is a that appeals to living and nonliving things in the environment.
The tundra is located in parts of Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland, Iceland, and Scandinavia, also sub-Antarctic islands.
tundra soil is its permafrost, a frozen layer of soil. in the short summers, the top bit of the soil may allow plants and microorganisms to grow and reproduce.


There are 48 different species of animals living in the tundra, that includes walrus, petrel, american pika, red fox, elk, yellow-eyed penguin, bald eagle, weddell seal, snow leopard, Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare, Caribou, Musk Ox, Polar Bear, Rock Ptarmigan, Snowy Owl, snow goose, arctic ground squirrel, stoat, marmot, snow bunting, wolverine, loons, snowshoe hare, tundra swan, dall sheep, arctic lemming, harlequin duck, yak and more.


There are a lot of different features in the tundra but the main features that are most known are extremely cold climate, Low biotic diversity, Simple vegetation structure, Limitation of drainage, the Short season of growth and reproduction, Energy and nutrients in the form of dead organic material, Large population oscillations.

The idigenous people of Alaska\'s tundra are alutiiq, aleut, central yup’ik, inupiat and siberian yupik, they live in what is called a inuit.
The flora and fauna of the arctic tundra is dependent on the extremely cold temperatures and being in the northern part of the world, which shortens the growth of many different plants, the flora contains low shrubs,moss, lichen and sedges.

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There are more than 1,700 different species of plants.


Tundra is important because the temperature is ideal for the habitat and landscape. tundra soil is its permafrost, a frozen layer of soil. within the short summers, the top part of the soil may then allow plants and microorganisms to grow and reproduce.
It is in the top part of the world because it is colder and allows curtin plants and shrubs to grow and survive in the extremely cold temperatures.


I chose tundra because It is a beautiful piece of land and it is different to other places because it is a landscape of wonders.
Imagine you are sitting on a log in the tundra and you see the foxs and elk you walk and you look up at the and see the sky, the frosty grass on your feet, you see the indigenous people living in the inuit’s, it is below 0 degrees.
So that is why I think it is important to the world to know that it needs help because of climate change and people using it for manufacturing and it is destroying the land and breaking down habitats, it is really bad and that is why i chose this biome.


The gas, oil, and mining industries can disturb the delicate tundra habitats. Drilling wells can then permafrost, whilst extremely heavy vehicles and pipeline construction can and will damage soil and prevent things from growing


We could reduce threats by stopping mining and drilling because it destroys the habit, and also stop the construction of manufacturing so there is less of a risk of toxic spills, it would also need help in helping animals in new habitats. and returning. This activity also increases the risk of toxic spills.

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The Difference between Biome and Ecosystem
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