Disaster Management and EMS

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Disaster Management used techniques of triage are START (simple triage and rapid treatment) and SALT (sort–assess–lifesaving interventions–treatment/transport). The research showed that as the role of EMS Is becomes mandatory in all disaster management occurring worldwide EMS personnel need to be extensively trained and have their triage skills evaluated.

C-Disaster Recovery

This is the last phase in disaster management in which the EMS staff returns to their normal functioning status. This involves replacement of patient care supplies and equipment, transportation vehicle maintained, and adjustment of financial capabilities.

Mental health status of EMS providers needs to be assessed in this stage as during a disaster they experience psychological stress that they need to rehab from after the end of the incident. Critical incident stress management (CISM) needs to be implemented and more research and efforts need to be spent to improve ways of relieving this stress.


Research and experience from many incidents have proven that EMS role has evaluated through time into being a specialized part of disaster management and response through all its phases.

Saudi Arabia has experienced many disasters due to religious events and environmental issues like heavy rains so well-developed emergency medical system is mandatory to be present nation wise.



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Disaster Management and EMS
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