A Discussion on the Issue of Pollution

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Nowadays pollution increases from day to day. Pollution is very bad for our health so illnesses rise gradually. In the past, people could swim in Karyaka or Alsancak but now they cannot do that because of water pollution. Moreover the air is heavily polluted because of our damage. This essay will discuss the causes of air and water pollution in zmir.

Firstly, I want to talk about air pollution. We have many different kinds of causes of air pollution. Firstly, many factories and cars do not use filters in their flues or exhausts.

For this reason, the air is damaged from day to day. Another cause is domestic heating systems. Today many people use coal and oil for heating. These include very detrimental matter and if you burn coal and such kind of goods, harmful matter appears.

Secondly, I want to mention about the causes of water pollution. It has got various reasons which are factories, shipping, and drainage. First, many factories and shipping dump waste into the water.

For example, the leather factories which are in Yeşildere, were punished because they did not use purification systems. Another cause is drainage. These kinds of waste are very harmful for the sea and also people's health. In recent years, a new sewer system has been established. Therefore, today we do not smell a bad smell while we are going to Karyaka.

In conclusion, there are many different reasons for air and water pollution. If we do not take measures, we cannot stay alive in the future because we will get rid of clean area completely.

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Also sickness will increase; as a result of playing in filthy water, many children get sick. Factories and households should use filters in their flues. Finally we should be careful and protect our environment. In this way, we can provide a good area for new generations.


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A Discussion on the Issue of Pollution
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