A Discussion on the Issues of Water Quality and Testing to Any Type of Pollution

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Water quality for human consumption has recently become a issue topic has recently gathered a lot of attention in the near future. With pollution of freshwater sources, drinking water resources could be diminished quickly if treatment from industrial, commercial, or private continues. The article argues that with the exponential human population growth, more problems will arise with available drinking water. The author also argues that about 70% of water sources that are renewable are not usable by the human population. A shortage in drinking water could lead to negative socio-economic effects such as declines in agriculture and human health.

The article tests out different methods in treating water for drinking quality methods.

The experiment used the drinking water standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Egyptian Ministry of Health (EMH). The author discusses the potential methods for increasing drinking water quality by different removal of heavy metals and disinfections. There were many different samples taken and tested for the total amounts of possible hazards in the water were measured.

The recommendations after the experiment list the effectiveness of certain ways to treat water using methods like reverse osmosis or chlorination effectiveness to treat water for drinking purposes.

In my opinion, this article was difficult to read and interpret. It was slightly confusing in the way it was organized and what the author was talking about. It held a lot of information, but the data tables were unappealing and chaotic in my opinion. I don't know why many journal articles from the source site don't give out the organization full names before they give their acronyms.

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I constantly have to look up what the acronyms mean in order to figure what organization or term the author is stating. The article was not the greatest article to read and title was a little bit misleading. It did not test ways to improve drinking water, it only gave different conclusions to treat water for drinking standards. Not the best article, but interesting nonetheless.

In relation to class, the article does share topics in which we are discussing in class. We recently were talking about water quality and testing. Water quality is a big issue when it comes to any type of pollution. With our current presentations of government agencies, many of the topics include water quality monitoring. Also, with talk of polymet and California droughts, clean water will soon become a scarce commodity if current usage and pollution trends continue.

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A Discussion on the Issues of Water Quality and Testing to Any Type of Pollution
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