Discussion Research: Caring

Categories: Natural Disasters

Numerous aspects restrain the resources and predispose the victims to traumatic events including natural disasters. Those factors are the lack of limitations in physical resources, and environmental, personal, socio, and economic resources. Also, as age-related factors, health-related factors, and the life experiences of the vulnerable populations (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016). Physical and environmental resources include the shelter for natural disasters and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorders) victims as they are displaced because of the disaster. Personal resources include the nursing staff, psychiatrist, emotional support, and family members that are sometimes not available as in case of natural disasters there is a considerable risk of the family members being killed in the accident (Heid et al.

, 2016). The socio-economic aspects also predispose the victims to vulnerability because of poverty which is quite more prevalent in the United States than expected.

Victims do not have enough incomes to treat themselves and, thus, become more vulnerable. Some chronic diseases also make the targeted population vulnerable because they become dependent on physical support from others.

Life experiences are another core factor predisposing this vulnerable population as a negative experience in life makes the people rigid to the health warnings and face health risks because of that. Research says that people who were the victims of child abuse or sexual abuse in their early lives before the trauma become more vulnerable and make them more resilient to health risks (Truman et al., 2011).

The vulnerability is caused by the lack of health insurance, disadvantaged status, limited control, and victimization, these victims are also part of society and hold equal worthiness to the health services that are provided to other populations but not them.

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The government should introduce specific public policies that affect this targeted population positively. Many private health agencies show resistance to their treatment because the treatment is quite expensive (Grabovschi, 2013). Thus, funding should be provided by the state. Legislation has provided direct and indirect financial assistance to vulnerable people; only effective implementation is needed here. Nurses should provide a caring environment for the victims, should focus on prevention, and develop a personal support program for this vulnerable population.


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Discussion Research: Caring
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