Eco Motocross Racing Track and Environment

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A lot of extreme sports and hobbies have been thriving to popularity nowadays that caught the interest of the majority of male population especially in the rural suburban areas. On top of the list is the much anticipated motocross racing or dirt bike riding, wherein, most males had corroborated that this kind of outdoor extreme sports greatly helps in their wellness and physique as it enables them to use their entire body muscles as well as could avert their attention from illegal drugs, vices as well as from stress.

Moreover, it is very evident that motocross riding is much anticipated not just by males but also females who were bike enthusiasts and outnumbered the male audience almost every time there is an event that the Municipality of Argao will facilitate this kind of competition every year. It became the highlight of the town’s annual founding celebration ever since.

But these kind of event have been much criticized by some environmentalists here in the municipality because of the way the “Salog River” have been used as a racing track ,wherein, riverside sand clearing, boulder removal, limestone dumping and water flow diversion have been a constant scene every year, hence, causing a huge damage and disruption on the natural habitat of some of the indigenous species living in the said river.

The local government unit must have overlooked these environmental issues against “Salog River” since mainstream and town folks really enjoyed and love the activity. Nonetheless, there is a concrete and effective solution to this problem and that would be the proposed construction of a permanent motocross race track that can be used all throughout the years without sacrificing the greater extent of natural habitat mutilation and disturbances that may cause permanent damage to the ecosystem –an Eco Motocross Racing Track.

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The proposed construction area of the first ever Eco Motocross Racing Track will be at the 2,000 square meters plane grazing land located at Juan Luna Street, Lamacan, Argao, Cebu. The area had only one large gemelina tree that grows at the northernmost boundary line of the land that can be considered as a good spot for a rest station to shed riders from extreme heat of the sun. Considering that it has been made one of the grazing lands by the local inhabitants of the area, a lush prairie of grass and some shrubs were very noticeable with several horses and goats feeding freely inside the premises. And during early afternoons, prominent boisterous sounds of crickets and grasshoppers as well as copious croaks of frogs can be heeded. Furthermore, along the southern border of the proposed area is a well built drainage system with river mixed with household water flowing through and stretches out to nourish the neighboring rice fields. A noticeable school of indigenous freshwater fish, rice paddy crabs and tadpoles were spotted in that drainage. Since the facility is well covered and the main area is dry, the impending construction will neither affect those species nor contaminate the water.

The principle of this Eco Motocross Racing Track construction is to harmonize with the environment at the same time satiating people’s desire and exultation through motocross racing. There is less revamping with the existing natural demography of the area. Only additional shrubs and trees will be planted as well as small water ponds will be built. Several mounds will be created as part of the course obstacle but each side will be covered with turfs. Some borderlines will be planted with trees so as to help contain air pollution especially the exhausts that come from the motor engines. Moreover, the animals that usually graze in the area will have less difficulty in finding another area to feed on since the adjacent areas were also verdant with grasses. The construction of the Eco Motocross Racing Track in Lamacan, Argao, Cebu will not greatly affect the environment which is our main concern and that the plan may be much favorable as well in the contribution to the economic growth of both the barangay and the municipality. That, we will transparently present our plans and proposals to the community through the local government unit of barangay Lamacan and honestly acquire legal permits both from the said barangay and the local government unit of Argao as well. Furthermore, it is very important to coordinate with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) regarding our environment friendly racing track design and hopefully favored so as to commence with the construction.

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