Economic Issues and the Determinable Factors for the Hydrologic Vulnerability

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Pollution and economics has always had a delicate balance within society. If the economy is falling, environmental regulations seem to loosen as they hold an inverse relationship with one another. However, the article argues that the inverse relationship these 2 subjects share is not inverse at all, but in fact directly related to one another. The author uses the term "Hydrologic vulnerability” as a term to define geographic conditions which affect physical, social, and economic conditions. The author gives recent natural and industrial events which have changed the geographic conditions in the area, which created large negative impacts.

Determining hydrologic vulnerability is complex. Case-by-case assessments are required in every location as well as the events which could affect hydrologic settings. There are certain factors which increase hydrologic vulnerability. They include population density, interdependency of different systems, and geographical advantage of a location. The article also states that hydrologic vulnerability increases in population, higher demand for food, increased
energy needs, more resource usage, dependency on infrastructure networks, climate change, and sea level rise.

It concludes with suggestions to reduce hydrologic vulnerability and address issues from affected areas.

This article is very well written and includes tables to help understand the concept of determining hydrologic vulnerability. Although it is a short read, it carries a lot of information and is straight forward. This type of writing is very effective to me while I read it. It takes the important points and organizes it so it is easy to understand and is supported by its charts.

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The article is very easy to read, however, I think hydrologic vulnerability is just a concept that still
has a lot of different variables that need to be worked out before it becomes a viable factor to be used.

Right now, the discussion in class is the renewing of complex ecosystems, specifically the everglades in Florida. Just like the article stated, hydrologic vulnerability is very complicated to determine, just as it is to determine the effects on the everglades and how to restore and improve them. There are many different factors to consider, which can lead to a lot of unknown consequences and outcomes. There are skeptical conclusions, as well as optimistic outlooks. The point is that there is absolutely no way to predict the outcome, everything is an estimate, which is the best thing that is available.

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Economic Issues and the Determinable Factors for the Hydrologic Vulnerability
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