Effect of Greenhouse Gases in the Environment

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In this paper I will describe the effect of Greenhouse Gases in the environment and some of the health problem that it causes. We live in a planet that has become hotter and hotter every day “The "greenhouse effect" is the warming that happens when certain gases in Earth's atmosphere trap heat. These gases let in light but keep heat from escaping, like the glass walls of a greenhouse. First, sunlight shines onto the Earth's surface, where it is absorbed and then radiates back into the atmosphere as heat.

In the atmosphere, "greenhouse" gases trap some of this heat, and the rest escapes into space. The more greenhouse gases are in the atmosphere, the more heat gets trapped” (National Geographic). We all know that global warming is exist, because the earth is become hotter and hotter, this summer already the hottest summer in record all over the country we have drought and massive flood.

in order to combat global warming we need produce more electric cars, most of the cars that we drive today are poisoning the environment with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that produce more acid rains as the environment become hotter and hotter we have huge block of melting ice from Artic as a result the sea level keep on risen in the future we may lose some of the major cities in the coastal in area if we do not act fast. “As the mercury rises, the climate can change in unexpected ways.

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In addition to sea levels rising, weather can become more extreme. This means more intense major storms, more rain followed by longer and drier droughts a challenge for growing crops, changes in the ranges in which plants and animals can live, and loss of water supplies that have historically come from glaciers”(National Geographic).

We are all responsible for the environment calamity that we are in today, majority of us in this country, as long we get cheap gas to fill our tank we everything is alright. No everything is not alright, we have air pollution that are killing our kids, the population of children born without, both harms or hands, or without both feet is increasing all dues to toxic hair that the mother breathed while pregnant, we know that researcher show that there is a link between toxic air and asthma, in today's world every that I look I see children with lung diseases. When are we going to wake up to save our planet for our children or the future generation? Right now we are not doing that, the government cannot do everything on their own, we as citizens of the world should start taking actions, we should lead and the government should follow us, I believe greenhouse gases poses a huge challenge locally because whenever there are big drought it can severely destruct the local supply water, it causes west Niles viruses locally, wild weather can destroy houses and flooding homes in the local community drought can affect local farmers.

There are two agencies in my community that might be appropriate audiences for the policy paper, is Cambridge Department of Public health and public work. These agencies deal with local community flooding, severe drought in the community, Cambridge Department of Public health deal with local outbreak disease, such as west Niles viruses, overgrowing mosquito's population as a result of flooding. There are certain local community that are affected due to greenhouse gases than other, for example community who has more electric power plants, landfills, sewerage treatment plants these industries can harm to the local population health wise.


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Effect of Greenhouse Gases in the Environment
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