Effect of Water Scarcity on Global Crisis

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The global energy crisis is currently a serious issue that the country’s leaders and the UN are focus to prevent. The global energy crisis may bring lots of negative consequences that human beings cannot afford or imagine, and if humans are awakened at that time that global energy is very limited, everything would be too late. Therefore, scientists are trying to solve the problems, and more and more teachers educate the younger generation to have the awareness of preventing our home.

The big part of the global energy crisis is water scarcity. Water scarcity is the lack of freshwater resources to meet water demand. And two-thirds of the global population live under conditions of severe water scarcity at least 1 month of the year. Therefore, lacking freshwater is an effect that overpopulation brings. Now, only 2.5 percent of water resources are freshwater, and the small part of freshwater is unpolluted, which means only this part of water could be drunk by human beings.

Even if there is such little water supply for humans, the demand is still high because of the overpopulation. And according to one report, things will get worse and worse. (Jonathan Hodgsonj, 2019)

And there are some effects that the water crisis brings on countries, companies, economy, and society. Some poor area, like villages in China, about 885 million people are unable to get safe drinking water, and some sanitation leads to water pollution, which is harmful to people’s health. Another problem is overusing the groundwater, and this event leads to diminishing agricultural yields and biodiversity.

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To be more specific, the negative consequence of overusing the groundwater would be bring the crops or vegetables that are irrigated by groundwater. (Wikipedia)

Then, people would come to question that how to solve this problem. There are two solutions to solving the current problem. The first one is the Atmospheric water generator. Atmospheric water generators (AWG) are devices that extract water from humid air. Some of its advantages are its low price, the absence of heavy metals and, without the need of a lake, river or ocean nearby, bacteria improving the population\'s health and their versatility of using air as the source of water. The other solution is desalination machines. Desalination machines are designed to take away mineral components from water. To be more specific, desalination can remove the salts and minerals from water. (Wikipedia)
Obviously, protecting the global energy crisis is one of the most important issues for human beings. If people are willing to make an effort on it, there are still lots of ways of solving it. However, if people do not have the awareness of preventing global energy and our planet, the situation of living on the earth would be pessimistic for the next generation or within ten years.

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Effect of Water Scarcity on Global Crisis
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