The Effects of a Healthy Environment

Earth day is the day that we celebrate on April 22 to show our protection of the environment in which we live, so people have to observe the environment from all kinds of pollution, and thinking about the future to create a clean and safe world free of pollution. In contrast, what we see today is the opposite. People are surrounded by a lot of risks that threaten our environment. There are 3 problems that we need to avoid, such as the impact of the environment on increasing the crop, how we can recycle water, and the impact of gas and biofuels.

I will talk about the impact of the environment on increasing the crop in the world. If we change the environment, it will affect the amount of crop that people eat. There are some reasons for this problem. First of all, deforestation, which is burning all the trees or clearing the forests by cutting trees. For example, one of the reasons to do that is to clear the area for pasture or crops.

In addition, human also clear the land for breeding animals. Second, there are some effects that fall under this problem. For instance, deforestation leading to drought because there are no shades. Also, trees absorb carbon dioxide, but when we remove it, the gas will come out, and into the atmosphere. According to Jonathan A Foley, clearing land has big effect in the environment particularly during decrease of biodiversity, and the release of carbon dioxide in the air in abundance (“Can We Feed” 60-65).

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Finally, every problem has a solution, so we find solutions that solve this problem. For Example, we can stop clearing some land to reduce the effects reduce. According to Jonathan A Foley, slowing down the speed cutting down trees has a big impact on decrease the damage on the environment, and imposing a minimal effect on the food production in the world (“Can We Feed" 60-65). Furthermore, instead of deforestation, some areas that people need we can use it in agriculture to reduce hunger. Clearly, there are some problems in the environment that affects the amount of the crop in the world, like deforestation. We should focus on important solutions to preserve our environment and our health.

Another thing, water is the lifeblood for all plants, animals, and human. We can't live without water in this life, and if we want to live in a safe environment, we should recycle water to get healthy water free of pollutants. First, there are a lot of reasons that force us to recycle water. For example, the world population is increasing day by day, and the water supply system cannot provide all the resources that we need in our lives, and we need a good water supply to save our healthy life from any pollution. There is another reason, we need to recycle water to ensure drinking water quality because people today use a lot of water in all aspects of their lives, and this process allows us to use water better again by use dual water system which is an underground system that has two separate piped water one of them the potable water, and the second one the non potable water, and the two system work alone side of each other within the same service region. According to Mark Lechevallier, dual water system allows for the society to use recover water, and transfer high quality water, and non potable reuse water to the same services region to ensure everyone's safety ("Water Reuse" 28-29). Second, when we stop water recycling, two negative impacts will happen to us in our lives. If we don't address the sources of the water correctly, health problems will arise when we drink contaminated water, which may have pathogenic bacteria, or any other pollutants. In addition, stop recycling water when a population of people in the world is increasing, the water demand in some regions will increase, and it will negatively affect us. According to "Mark Lechevallier ", this problem will increase in arid areas, and by changing the weather conditions, which has a negative impact on water quality, and ease of access of water to the area ("Water Reuse" 28-29). Finally, we have to change the world for the better by recycling water, and there are two solutions to do that, one of the easiest ways to recycle water in your home is to bring a bucket. After that, when you want to take a shower, you sometimes turn on the tap, and wait until the water up to the temperature that you want, so you put the bucket under the shower tap before you showering, and you will be surprised by the quantity of the water in it that can be used in anything you want. Also, you can use nonpotable water, like gray water to use it in your garden, and planting flowers. Because you cannot use this water for drinking, or you can treat Gray water by using purified potable water system that recycles water, and help you to use it again. Clearly, water is blessing for life, and the most important thing that we must save the water by recycling, and reducing consumption a lot of water in our lives.

Another problem is the world today face big problems in the air pollution by release nitrogen gas, and misuse of human's resource that increases the flow of nitrogen. First, there are two causes that created this problem. For example, people today are increasing their use of energy and food over the world, and there is no good management to use fertilizer nitrogen effectively beside protection of releasing nitrogen from fossil fuel combustion, like coal and oil burning. According to “Solutions To Environmental Threats " article, people's action led to increase of the nitrogen emission in the world, and the influence in this problem is the use of fertilizer, but there is another biggest influence, which is burning fossil fuels (Howarth, Doney 85-60). Another reason for nitrogen emission is from animals waste. When the livestock feed on crops, and use their waste as fertilizer, that lead to nitrogen pollution if we don't treat waste. Second, nitrogen release at the atmosphere and air affect us negatively. For example, one of the effects is when we continue to burn some kinds of fossil fuels, such as, coal and oil, the average surface temperature of the earth will rises which leads to Global Warming because gas emission is occurring from human activities. The Global Warming is heating the ocean, atmosphere, and the earth's surface slowly. Moreover, there are a lot of germs in livestock waste that cause diseases, such as fecal coliform and Salmonella, and it can be more concentrated than human excreta. This problem can spread diseases to the people, and they will get sick because of this manure. According to Robert Howarth, and Scott Doney, before many years livestock wastes were used as fertilizer after they fed. Today, many animals in the us when the animals are fed foods grown a lot of miles away this makes wastes not economically to return to the soil as a fertilizer, and in this case we need to treat their wastes just like we do with human waste (" Solutions" 58-60). Finally. In the future if we don't do anything about this problem the world will be at risk, so we have some solutions that help us to reduce nitrogen emission in the atmosphere. For instance, one of the solution is treated waste for the animals through stored and used correctly, and the wrong way when the farmers are stored waste for many months on big pits outdoor, which called lagoons, this way allows the emission of harmful gases that leading to the pollution of soil and d water, so the stored wastes region must be deep and far from other sources, and covered livestock waste to prevent any pollution. Moreover, improving the use of energy efficiency by using renewable energy, such as wind and water to reduce the nitrogen emissions from factories, and we can increase using certain transportation like, buses, trains, cycling, and walking instead of using cars and trucks which are caused a lot of emission of nitrogen dioxide. In short, these are some problems that we are facing now, and we have to work together to reduce the nitrogen emission in the world.

In conclusion, these are three problems that surround our lives, and the world today suffering from their impacts on the environment as a result we have to work together to choose the best solution for these danger problems that threat human lives.

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The Effects of a Healthy Environment
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