The Health and the Environmental Problem

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What are the health and the environmental problem addressed in the essay? Detail the background of the health problem. What solution/ findings does the cartoon suggest? What are pros and cons of this solution? What problems did the actual research and the application of the results face? How does this relate to material we have covered in class?

The environmental issue addressed in the article can be branched off into many issues. The main issues is that over time technology in constantly evolving and many farmers are not open to making modifications that can help during or after any natural disasters such as GMOs.

A lot of times many consumer and farmers learn to adapt to these technological adjustments. There is an number of consumers and farmers that do not adapt because they are simply suck in their traditional ways or they have a lack of knowledge of new innovations.

The characters in the article discussed how GMOs are much healthier than non- GMO foods.

According to the article our naturally grown food / non- GMO foods contribute to heart problems. The cartoon suggest that new technology improvements and GMOs can benefit farmers and their crops. According to the text, by having the ability to modify the foods we eat “we can be more precise”. This means that we have the ability to pick and choose what we place in our bodies based on our standards or wants.

Like anything else in life there are pros and cons to the change in technology and the use of GMOs.

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Some pros include, more healthier foods, easier and less stressful labor, disease resistant foods, and a plethora of other benefits to consumers and farmers. Some cons include prolonged food development, failed technology attempts, technology not being user friendly, causing more harm than good to the consumer or farmer, or simply failed attempts to perfecting a crop via GMO. Unfortunately, with any new change there is a possibility of negative and positive effects.

In class we have talked about how GMOs are made. According to the article and what we learned in class GMOs have DNA. With that the DNA can be manipulated to make a better or worse for us. We learned that a vast majority of individuals are against GMOs. GMOs can and have helped many crops that were nearly existent. In class we learned the process of DNA modifications, replications, and mutations which gives more insight on how scientist and dietitians make GMOs for human consumption.

To conclude the article gave insight on how some farmers are willing to take risk with technology improvements and how many are not so open to the idea. The text stated that GMOs are healthier than the non-GMO foods. The father/ farmer was not open to a new irrigation system until he personal witnessed what could happen to his crops without it. A lesson that can be taken from the article is that trying new innovations will not always be negative idea. Most of the time the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. With every new invention or modification there is always a chance of failure, by some will never know if they never take that risk.

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The Health and the Environmental Problem
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