Electric Vehicles and Environmental Protection

The Mission

Marco Motor designs are superior and creates only high-performance electric vehicles. These electric vehicles range from highly efficient sport cars to highly efficient trucks. Marco Motor vehicles consolidate style, speed, and advanced technology that make them among the most energy-efficient vehicles on the road.

The Core

The organizational structure at Marco Motor is centralized. Marco Motor’s centralized system is where all power resides in the center. Every decision that has to be made must be done by Upper management level.

The Upper management level consist of the following: CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), COO (Chief Operating Officer), and CTO (Chief Technical Officer). The CEO position is being held by me, while the other positions are given to those who I chose best fit. It is my duty to monitor over the entirety of Marco Motor. The CFO position is the senior manager who is held accountable for managing the financial activities for the whole company.

This incorporates marking checks, observing income, and monetary arranging. The COO is the senior manager who is liable for dealing with the organization’s everyday activities and announcing them to the CEO. An Organization needs a COO on the grounds that the CEO is generally too occupied to monitor the production amounts and different factors consistently. The CTO is a business official position who is centered around technical issues in the company.


Being in the business of electrical vehicles face severe challenges for sales. The major issue is the lack of awareness among ordinary car buyers about advantages of EVs.

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In addition, the shifting to electrical vehicles challenge drivers, as they are very distinct from traditional vehicles.

Competitive Advantage

Purchasing an electrical vehicle from Marco Motor will make the United States have more of a competitive advantage because it offers the choice to be environmentally cleaner. We are a big package threat to the internal combustion automobile industry, which offer less pollution, environmental protection, reliability, and decrease the need of oil. What sets us apart from competitors? The speed, drive and charge time, low maintenance, tax credit, and the customer choice of customizing their vehicle is what sets us apart from competitors. The average speed of our trucks and cars travel at approximately 150mph. A full charge time is set at 30mins which is very impressive compared to other electric vehicle companies. The drive time on a full charge goes up to 3hrs and 30mins. The only maintenance people would have to consider is keeping an eye out for the breaks and taking care of the battery. On the plus side, Marco Motor offers lifetime battery support to customers for only $99.99 a year. Our new electric vehicles allow customers to receive a $7,500 tax credit which could reflect on their refund or reduce the amount of tax debt owed.

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Electric Vehicles and Environmental Protection
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