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Tesla’s electric car fatal crash on autopilot Background and History Martin Eberhard and Marc Terpenning first founded the American electric automobiles called Tesla Motors in the year 2003 inspired by the famous inventions of the Serbian American scientist Nicola Tesla.

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In the year 2017, the name of the company was changed to Tesla Inc. as it not concentrated on the manufacture of sports car but also solar energy products. The cofounder of PayPal, Elon Musk first served as the chairman and then progressively became the Chief Executive Officer to the company since he contributed about dollar thirty million in the year 2004.

Tesla was a unique invention in itself equally competing and championing the world of sports car. In the year 2008, the first Tesla Motors was launched called the electric “Roadster” with primary aim for excelling the other gasoline powered sports car. Accordingly, it was able to run about 394km on a single charge and cover 96km per hour. The distinctively featured body of the vehicle, along with exceptional idea turn reality item soon dominated the market of sports car, thus becoming one of the popular and luxurious items all across the world over time. The next invention was dominated by the new model of sports car called Model S Sedan which was supposedly to be semi-automatic driving. It was introduced to market in the year 2014.

The new sports car covered about 379 to 483 km on a single battery charge and it run over 96km per hour to the maximum of 209km per hour. The second invention was competitively advanced than the Roadster. (http://www.britannica.com/topic/Tesla-Motors). Limitation The Tesla Model S Sedan, a semi auto pilot sports car faced a tragic limitation. The first ever fatal car crash occurred on a highway at Willston when the vehicle was left under automated control system costing the life of a forty-year male Joshua Brown. The safety board, who examine the accident held the full reliance on the technology.

The sport car was semi-automated and hence needed the control of the human to operate functionally. The design of the vehicle was advanced but had its own limitation in fully controlling the different ranges of environment or the situations. Beside the model was primarily meant for interstate and not on the other types of the roads. Resolutions Tesla Inc. played active and responsive role in determining the way forward to prevent such tragic accidents in future.

They rationally accepted the critics and put forwarded the plethora of resolutions. The company claimed the main intention of Modal sedan was to improve and advance the safety of people. The company was strongly recommended to develop a strict system whereby the drivers are required and ensured to operate the system themselves and not depend on it wholly.

The examiner board also added to mandatorily equipped all new vehicles with technology that wirelessly transmit the location, speed, direction and the information of other vehicles on the road to avoid crash. New driver safety guidelines for automakers was formulated by the Transportation department which enabled the company to ensure in focusing on safety goals. The automated system if invented should make sure that it is highly responsive to the people, animals or any other objects that could intervene during the operation of the technology. (http://www.cbc.ca/tesla/fatal-accident).

Tesla was charged for introducing the sports car Model S sedan when it was not completely ready for operation. However, Tesla defended that the all vehicles invented was equipped with special cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensor. The autopilot which is equally active to the airplane’s pilot assistance is for improving safety and advancing the driver operation and assistance.

The criticism received from few of the general public, Tesla argued was because it was tested beyond its intended purpose. (http://www.cars.usnews.com) Conclusion Over these millennium years, new technologies are invented and advancing in global digitalization. It has made the way of life so much easier and attracted the interest of people from diverse background. Tesla Inc. have contributed majorly in paving the road to technological advancement.

However, one such unfortunate incident of the tesla’s semi-auto pilot sports car which played key role in causing the 2016 fatal car accident according to the US National Transportation Safety Board introduces the dark aspect of digitalization. The failure of the Tesla’s semi system failed to remain consistent on serving its purpose on track. However, it should note that human’s invention should not necessarily depend or rely on the technology but only use it as a medium to technical assistance. Such negligence will only deter the innovative creation such as Tesla’s Model S sedan.


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