Energy Crisis

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The energy crisis refers to man-made energy shortages. This usually involves a shortage of oil, electricity or other natural resources. Energy crisis often cause economic recessions. The energy crisis was caused by limited oil reserves and now over-exploitation. And these energy sources are all non-renewable energy sources, so the reserves of this type of energy are close to the crisis.

At present, the world is facing an energy crisis, and if no measures are taken, there may be no resources in 2050.

So, if we want our humans to have rich resources, we must take measures.International oil prices are still soaring and are currently at a record high for more than 20 years. As the world's second-largest oil importer, China's current round of rising oil prices has brought tremendous pressure on China's inflation.

When the price of oil rises by $ 10 a year, a country's GDP will fall by 0.4%, which will increase prices by 0.3%. These indicate that the price of oil is increasing, and some businesses will face bankruptcy.

In this way, there will be many unemployed people in the society. If a country without the labor force, so will not promote the economic development.

Claire published "Blood and Oil: The Danger and Consequences of the United States' Increasing Reliance on Imported Oil", which has attracted the attention of experts and scholars on international issues in various countries. He mentioned that the rapid growth of the world economy depends on oil, and the oil supply is drying up.

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The United States and other countries such as China, Russia, India and Brazil are fighting fiercely to secure future oil supplies. The United States has less than 5% of the world\'s population but consumes 25% of the world's oil.

Even 97% of the fuel used in the US transportation industry comes from petroleum which 56% is imported. Given the need to import more and more oil in the future, the United States will inevitably assume greater risks and will turn to unstable and unfriendly areas to find sources of supply. Energy shortage, resource scramble, and environmental pollution caused by excessive use of energy threaten human survival and development. For example, some dams are required to be demolished.

These dams may cause crustal movement and may cause earthquakes and other hazards. Today's world population has exceeded 6 billion, more than double the end of the last century, and energy consumption has increased more than 16 times. However, energy supply has never kept up with human demand for energy. We must take steps to face the resource crisis. Japan has already carried out corporate management because of a resource crisis. Their aim is to produce only the necessary products.

Every employee can ask questions in production. Their hope is not to waste energy and collect more problems to break through the problems. Besides the businesses, we can contribute in some areas. For example, low-carbon travel is now promoted, which means that the way we travel at a destination can be changed from taxi to bicycle. It can save oil and also recommend people go to natural parks. These are low-carbon travel.

There is also the development of green energy, such as the development of solar and wind energy.\nIn the end, the energy crisis is a challenge we face together. If everyone cooperates and implements green life, so we can consume resources more slowly. Our generations will not be under great pressure due to the energy crisis.

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Energy Crisis
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