Energy Crisis: Renewable Sources

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An energy crisis is one that affects the economy because of a shortage of energy supplies or rising prices. This usually involves shortages of oil, electricity or other natural resources. The shortage of these resources can lead to a national economic recession.

What causes the energy crisis? Because people use many non-renewable resource like the oil, natural gas. And people don’t have other resource to replace this to use in our daily life. The earth itself is resource-limited, and our overuse of mining has made it increasingly difficult to obtain.

This makes it necessary for us to use other new energy sources to replace the non-renewable resources we have been using. So we don’t have enough energy to support our life, and the price of this energy increase make the economy problems.

Under the influence of this kind of energy crisis, does China have any good ways to deal with it? First of all, China is a developing country, we have a huge demand for oil and we don't have much oil in our country.

According to some scholars in our country, our domestic oil resources only last for about 50 years. So, first of all, we developed some renewable resources, such as solar energy, wind energy, water energy and so on. The second is that we need to conserve energy, improve our technology and at the same time increase energy efficiency. That make our energy can do more things. Third, we should develop new energy sources.

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Independent research and development of new long-term renewable energy to replace the use of fossil fuels in daily life, to ensure that we can use more energy.

The impact of the energy crisis on society is even greater. Because energy problem caused by world war, energy is a major means of national economic development. And in the earth's energy is limited. So between big countries sparked some related to oil or purely for oil war. In order to compete for control of the world's resources and energy, led to the outbreak of world war.

In addition, after the world war, the two superpowers of the United States and the Soviet union fought for resources and energy for more than 40 years. Therefore, the impact of the energy crisis is likely to lead to wars in the world. The energy crisis may also bring economic crisis. The modernization of the world economy is due to the extensive use of fossil fuels such as oil, gas, coal and nuclear fission energy. So it's an economy built on fossil fuels. But an energy crisis could plunge the world economy. There will be a lot of unemployed people in the world because of the shortage of energy and people who work in this field will lose their jobs. Unemployment leads to economic decrease

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