Energy of the Sun

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Throughout history, the efforts of agriculture are based on solar radiation to nurture and maintain the crops. However, we have only recently developed the ability to exploit the incredible power of the sun. The technologies obtained have promising consequences for the future of renewable energy sources and sustainability. The conversion of energy directly from sunlight into electricity is what is called Solar Power, either with the use of photovoltaic (PV), concentrated solar power or both. Concentrated power system uses lenses and tracking system to direct the sunlight into a small beam while photovoltaic is the process of converting sunlight into electricity.


Energy on Earth

The primary source of energy on earth is the sun, which can be converted into electricity using solar panels. It doesn't emit carbon dioxide, which means that it is an excellent way to reduce carbon. A typical solar system in the home can save up to 3000 kilograms of CO2 per year, which is equivalent to about 30 tonnes during its lifetime.

These pure green technologies are at the heart of the next industrial revolution. The use of solar energy significantly reduces electricity costs, which is one of the most common reasons for choosing solar power. The federal government offers incentives for solar energy to compensate for the initial costs of a solar system. The 2005 Energy Policy Act offers two options for obtaining a federal tax credit for solar energy. Reductions in solar energy also provide more than 50% of US states. \ The sun provides an average of 164 watts of solar energy per square meter above the earth's crust.

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If we have enough solar panels in the Sahara Desert to cover one percent, we could have enough electricity to produce the energy of the entire planet. 

Energy of the Sun

This abundance of solar energy means that there is more than we need. However, since the energy given off by the sun is a mixture of light and heat, we cannot use it when driving a car or a computer directly. The energy of the sun to transform them in ways we can use, such as electricity. This is the reason why the solar panel was invented. Any additional electricity generated by your solar panels when connected to the mains will be paid by the utility. Electricity generation is good for power generation from a solar power plant and allows utilities to buy surplus energy from owners. The most commonly used option is a single reversible counter. Since a solar system generates electricity, kilowatts are initially used to cover the energy demand at the site. Excess electricity is fed into the grid and secures the electricity meter instead of being stored in a battery. At the end of each measurement period, additional kilowatts are credited to the owner of the house.


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Energy of the Sun
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