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Enviro-Stewards is reframing the conversation about sustainability and business. Since its founding in 2000, Enviro-Stewards has created environmental and economic sustainability solutions for a wide range of businesses. These solutions have helped businesses to alleviate ongoing resource and financial concerns by mitigating the source of their problems — not just focusing on the symptoms. Taking a holistic approach, their team conducts a full-spectrum assessment and implementation, focused on prevention, resource conservation, and improving your bottom line. Rather than performing a traditional audit, with a specific focus on solving your end-state dilemma, they examine the root cause in order to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.

Enviro-Stewards’ engineers and scientists offer a consultative and analytical approach in order to implement practical and economically feasible solutions to guide your organization to long-term, sustainable, and financial success.

A Certified B Corporation, they are focused on stimulating an increased margin on sales while reducing environmental footprints and improving social conditions. Their innovative solutions have saved their clients millions of dollars in operating costs, eliminated thousands of tonnes of hazardous waste, cut back natural gas usage by millions of cubic meters, and reduced millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

They will equip your business with viable solutions to improve energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, yield optimization, pollution prevention, wastewater treatment, and overarching sustainability. Reflecting its resiliency-driven mission and B Corp status since 2011, Enviro-Stewards helps businesses determine the resources needed for optimal production. By reducing water and energy needs or food waste, B Corp also lessens its clients’ environmental impact while trimming costs for production or operation.

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Their mission is to cultivate resilient businesses and improve lives in extraordinary ways. While their vision is to be an internationally recognized and sought-after leader for maximizing resource efficiency and creating social benefit. Their values are that they love people and their planet. they are authentic, and they are agents of change. Elmira, Ontario; September 4, 2019 – Enviro-Stewards, a Certified B Corporation, has been named a Best for The World honouree in recognition of their company’s positive impact on the environment, their workforce, their local communities, their suppliers, their customers, and their corporate governance. Enviro-Stewards ranks in the top 10% of all B Corps overall as well as in each of these impact areas, earning them a well-deserved spot on the Best for The World: Overall list (as well as Best for the World in each of the other lists).

Whether it’s helping clients save money while reducing their environmental footprint or helping to establish locally owned and operated social ventures in east Africa, Enviro-Stewards has set the bar for responsible and successful businesses around the world. In 2004, Enviro-Stewards helped Canadian restaurant chain Tim Hortons save $490,000 per year of ingredients and utilities, but in doing so eliminated the need for a treatment system. In 2008, Enviro-Stewards built a high rate anaerobic wastewater treatment system for Jackson-Triggs’ winery in British Columbia. However, by first reducing the volume of wastewater requiring treatment by half and wine losses by two-thirds, Enviro-Stewards built a system at half the original capital cost (and hence the 10 percent fee to design the system was also half as large). Regarding pollution prevention Enviro-Stewards has a success story about that. Trimac Transportation, located in the Regional Municipality of Halton, cleans semi-bulk containers and portable blending tanks of residual paints for the automotive industry. The vessels are cleaned with water, chemicals, and solvents and returned to the paint vendor.

Trimac engaged Enviro-Stewards to conduct a pollution prevention assessment to address sewer, air, and federal P2 planning compliance concerns associated with methylene chloride. After a holistic review of the Trimac facility and processes, Enviro-Stewards was able to identify and implement viable pollution prevention measures including: Changing the cleaning process to one that used soluble media blasting of labels and portables with baking soda, which eliminated the need for toxic solvents. Refitting the valve cleaning station with covered tanks/sinks in series, in order to allow the wash solvent solution to be reused over a period of several days. Installing a foot-operated valve to save over 600 tonnes of water per year. Installing a vacuum system to remove retained paint from containers and then segregating the recovered paint by type to facilitate paint reuse alternatives. The outcome of the Enviro-Stewards pollution prevention recommendations made in the assessment reduced:

  1. 24 tonnes/yr of toxics,
  2. 68 tonnes of subject wastes,
  3. 55 tonnes/yr of hazardous wastes,
  4. 810 tonnes/yr of water,
  5. 2 tonnes/yr of GHGs.

This P2 assessment virtually eliminated the use of a CEPA toxic, reduced worker exposure, provided water savings, improved spill prevention, and had an annual net savings of $225,000/yr with a collective payback of five months. The project also received an honorable mention award from the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME). Enviro-Stewards is dedicated to the development of innovative solutions to achieve long-term resource and financial sustainability for businesses. Enviro-Stewards has so many target markets so they provide assistance to facilities in a broad range of industries including aerospace, automotive, beverage, commercial product, food, manufacturing, medical, mining, nuclear, petrochemical, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, and textile industries.

In addition, Enviro-Stewards provides assistance to the public sector in the health care sector as well as federal, provincial/state and localgovernments. Enviro-Stewards has a few competitors in Canada and the US such as Recyclebank, Arcadia, Solar States, and Summerhill. Enviro-Stewards Inc’s Engineers & Scientists serve as sustainability catalysts for industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. As such, they stimulate an increased margin on sales while reducing environmental footprints and improving social conditions. Such services include Energy Conservation and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction planning Eco-Efficiency, Water Conservation and Toxic Use Reduction Pollution Prevention and treatment process design Product Design for Environment and Sustainability Strategizing. Enviro-Stewards was founded as a social venture to provide clients services to conserve resources and staff an opportunity to serve others. Staff is facilitated to use their technical and personal skills to assist local charitable work and to help launch sustainable income-generating projects in the developing world. Clients are provided with practical, economically viable measures to improve the environmental and social aspects of their operations.

They have been a recipient of the 2017 SDG Awards. Since then, they have some exciting sustainability initiatives and recognitions to announce: Their food waste prevention assessment for Campbell Soup was selected by Clean50 as Canada’s top project-of-the-year for 2018. This project found 938 tonnes/yr of food waste resulting in $706,000/yr in savings The Walmart Foundation is co-funding them to complete 50 food waste prevention assessments at manufacturing facilities across Canada during 2018 through the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity Their energy conservation project at Southbrook winery was selected as a top project in Canada for 2018. This project further reduced their electricity and natural gas consumption by 40% each, preserving ½ acre of a vineyard that would have otherwise been covered by solar panels Their Safe Water Project won the National Energy Globe Award for South Sudan for 2018 Their South Sudanese project managers have started Safe Water Projects in Northern Uganda that have already provided more than 3,000 refugees & Ugandans with durable access to safe water.

As of June 2018, Enviro-Stewards projects are estimated to have saved facilities $68.5 million with an average payback period of 0.9 years and avoided 111 thousand tonnes of GHGs. Enviro-Stewards was once again recognized as “Best for the World” in the Overall category by B Lab. In addition, they have been recognized as a top-performing B Corporation in every category that they are measured in Best for Environment, Best For Customers, Best For Governance, Best For Community, and Best For Workers In my opinion, Enviro-Stewards should be number one of the B Corp because it helps to save lots of our environmental sources (water, gas, air) and keep the environment away from problems such as globule warming and Desertification. Their purposes are not to collect money and make a profit; however, they try to save our world and save your money at the same time.



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Enviro-Stewards – Best for the World Report
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