The Environment Is Going To Hell

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This is the litany: Our resources are running out.

The air is bad, the waterworse. The planet's specis are dying off-more exactly, we're killing them -atthe staggering rate of 100,000 per year, a figure that works out to almost 2000species per weak, 300 per day, 10 per hour, another dead species every 6 minutes.We're trashing the planet, washing away the topsoil, paving over our farmlands,systematically deforesting our wildernesses, decimating the biota, andultimately killing ourselves.

The world is getting progressively poorer, and it's all because of populating,or more precisely, over-population.

There's a finite store of resources on ourpale blue dot, spaceship Earth, our small and fragile tiny planet, and we'refast apporaching it's ultimate carrying capacity. The limits to growth arefinally upon us, and we're living on borrowed time. The laws of populationgrowth are inexorable, Unless we act decisively, the final result is written instone: mass poverty, famine, starvation, and death. Time is short, and we have toact now.

That's the standard adn canonical litany. It's been drilled into ourheads so far and so focefuly that to hear it yet once more is … well, it'salmost reasuring. It's comforting, oddly consoling- at least we're face to facewith the enemies: consumption, population, mindless growth.

And we know thesolution: cut back, contract, make do with less. "Live simply so that others may simply live."There's just one problem with The Litany, just one slight little weeimperfection: every item in that dim and dreary recititaion, each and every lastclaim, is false.

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Incorrect. At variance with the truth. Not the way it is, folks.

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The Environment Is Going To Hell
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