Environmental Issues Faced by Business and Society

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Environmental Issues Faced by Business and Society

Environmental issues are affecting our resources and causing a big problem over the world

Organizations are asked to take responsibility for the way their business operate. Oil is a major source of energy in the United States. With the large use and nonstop movement, it is inevitable that spills may occur. Spills can harm organisms and cause reduced reproduction and many other problems (“Impact of Oil Spills”, 2010).

Oil is detrimental to a plants health, directly and indirectly.

It affects the plants metabolism directly. Coating the leaves and preventing gas exchange between the leaves and the atmosphere, increasing leaf and plant mortality. Indirectly oil affects the plant when present in the soil, by reducing oxygen exchange between the atmosphere and soil. Affecting the microbial community and nutrient cycling, plants can become stressed, losing pigment, water and leaves (Khanna, Santos, Ustin, Shapino, Kaverkamp & Lay, 2018).

Most businesses over the world use raw materials and energy to operate.

Businesses have to continue to work and take responsibility in the way they conduct business. Being held more responsible on the way they operate will also have a major impact on the issues in the environment. After researching and studying about oils and their spills it would be hard to understand how important it is to avoid spills. They harm the universe as a whole. Whether its on land or in water it all impacts the way the environment operates. Oil businesses face many challenges when transferring the oil mobile or by water.

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People that believe environmental issues are important have knowledge and skills and are major factors in the support of corporate environmental management programs (Anderson & Bateman, 2000). The Clean Water Act (1972) created a fund (311 Fund), maintained by Federal appropriation that could be used for cleanup and natural resources. Deepwater Port Act (1974) addresses oil spills and liability issues at Deepwater oil ports (“Impact of Oil Spill”, 2010). 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) manages the body for corporate compliance with laws and regulations that was set up by congress. Depending on the business type it could be a variety of rules and regulations which a business must comply. Issues like pollution and climate change is also issue for the environment. The change of weather affects us all. It has serious implications like environmental, social economic, and politically. The change of the climate can cause higher demand for energy as the weather gets warmer causing more use for the air conditioning. Pollution affects the health of people and can cause medical costs to rise and loss of productivity. This is an issue for business operators. You also have storms, loss of resources, inflation, scarcity of food etc. that are environmental factors that affects businesses as well.

Let’s discuss Beauty Salons for an example. The world has been faced against a Pandemic. We are forced to practice social distancing. Businesses are being forced to close down completely or lock doors for due to this pandemic. Beauty Salons and spas are where we are more social. Salons and Spas have rules and regulations that they have learned to abide by from the bar. Operating on clean nails, hair and skin. These business owners also have local rules a regulation they have to follow in order to stay in business. The water systems have to be monitored so that the large amount of chemicals being released in the water system can’t harm plants, citizens and animals. We as a whole have a responsibility when it comes to environmental issues. We have to work together in order to keep the environment safe from harm. If we affect the soil it affects the plants, to the water, then to our animals as well as humans. This Pandemic has not only affected the Salons it affected the world as a whole. This is the time we have to work together as citizens, business owners, politicians etc. to make the world normal again.


In my closing, we all have to be active in shaping the issues we are having in our environment. What’s more important is that we need to be concerned personally about the issues. These issues can be managed by different kinds of people and in different kinds of ways. We just need to do our part to help limit the issues at hand in the environment. Let’s make this happen.


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Environmental Issues Faced by Business and Society
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