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Due to increased population, pollution, and burning fossil fuels, the Earth’s natural resources are being exhausted at an astounding rate.

Imagine a world where corporate businesses and powerful world leaders created and implemented strategies to ensure a sustainable future and benefited from giving back to mother nature. Green to Gold is a book about businesses who form a Green Strategy to give back to mother nature and to help ensure a healthy and sustainable Earth, and profit in the meantime.

The authors’ purpose for writing this book was in hope that powerful business leaders would begin to realize their carbon footprint and the impact it has on the environment. As the book was being written and completed, the Green Wave had already started sweeping across society and through businesses and thousands of businesses were already becoming conscious of their effluence on the Earth. Business leaders had begun using The Green Method as a powerful marketing strategy to lend a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Green to Gold lays out the thought processes, the strategies, the hurdles to going green, and the overall success of businesses who have chosen to turn Green to Gold.

Businesses are faced with the realization that natural resources are finite and the impact their businesses are having on the environment are enormous. Esty and Winston provide a list of The Top 10 Environmental Issues businesses are impacting on a large scale and lay out their impacts. “The need to rethink strategy with an eye on climate change impacts and regulatory constraints is fast becoming a corporate imperative.

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” (Green to Gold,40).

Esty and Winston layout a Green Strategy for companies to follow and When and Where Green Marketing Works. So how do business leaders make this change to go green? How do they follow The Green Wave and ensure success of their companies? “Taking Action involves short term, medium term, and long-term goals.” (Green to Gold, 260). Companies need to list the Big Issues (where does the company stand in environmental welfare and what they can do about it), Implement a SWOT analysis, AUDIO analysis (the downside and risks involved in making a change). Medium term goals include “Embedding an Eco-Advantage Mindset.” (Green to Gold, 269). This involves taking what you have learned about the environmental issues and executing them, making them part of your agenda. Long term goals include, “Making a core element of Corporate Strategy.” (Green to Gold, 274). This involves an analysis of rethinking products and reexamining markets. “Making your own operations as eco-efficient as possible could be the margin of survival in a cost-conscious world.” (Green to Gold, 275).

Companies that consider the restraints of natural resources will move ahead of their competitors, and those who do not will be faced with a substantial competitive disadvantage.

All these factors play a large role in business leaders making the change towards environmental strategy. Esty and Winston achieve their goal of bringing environmental issues front and center in the corporate world. “The business world is waking up to an inevitable and unavoidable truth: The economy and the environment are deeply intertwined.” (Green to Gold, 282). Esty and Winston bring forward the relationship between the environment and businesses economic condition. They layout the environmental issues, why they are important, consumer ethics and needs, marketing towards consumers with The Green Wave firsthand, and provide a framework for corporate businesses to follow when turning Green to Gold. Esty and Winston have executed their research, concepts, and their green structure in a truly brilliant and successful book called Green to Gold.

Sustainability for the environment and the business world are two things that do not appear to pair well together. Typically, in past generations, business leaders of the world knew they were polluting the environment but did not pay any attention to the implications nor did they care about the implications. Now business leaders are some of the top contributors to environmental sustainability. The innovations, creativity, and profits that top business leaders have implemented to combat environmental mitigation, is astonishing.

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