Environmental Science and Climate Change

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The magnificent planet: my place, my beauteous home, and my vastest answerability. It’s such a pain to witness the earth experiencing an inordinately vital concern of our generation – climate change. Being the first ones to behold the early stages and the last ones to have a chance with ending the continuation of climate change, we, axiomatically, MUST terminate the suffering of Gaia. Some humanitarian, humane commonality has already been trying to overcome this matter.

The globe is a pulchritudinous abode in the macrocosm.

It provides us with sufficient food, water, oxygen, and shelter. There are more than 7.5 billion human beings on earth, and most of us are just immensely obnoxious to the state of the earth. They are the epitome of being egotistic and do not budge at all with the current climate change/global warming problems. Mahatma Gandhi had previously, once said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”As the amount of non-biodegradable plastic manufactured increases, the number/amount of chemicals/greenhouse gases on earth engendered rises.

The temperature of the earth proceeds to increase. The heat from global warming is depleting the ozone layer and increasing our exposure to incredibly detrimental Ultraviolet rays of the sun, leading us towards various skin diseases, eye cataracts, and even cancer. Humans are also cutting down forests for their selfish greed, and humongous forests start to burn one by one with effect from global warming. Carbon dioxide would then upsurge while the amount of oxygen decreases.

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Apart from land, the sea is also very much in peril. The ice at the north and south poles is melting. The sea levels are rising. Perhaps, maybe one day, the entire earth will flood. Other than floods, frozen and undiscovered bacteria/viruses might be exposed by the melted ice , forming a new virus. Narcissistic and irresponsible humans throw rubbish into the ocean, thinking that the trash would just gradually cease to exist. No. It does not work like that. Trash could harm marine life. The marine life animals could have thought that trash was their food. They could have consumed it and died. There is also a possibility they could get stuck in between the garbage. Most plastics are non-biodegradable and take generations to decompose even a slight bit. They come in different forms. There is a 73% chance that a sea creature we ingested could have devoured it. Our self-indulgent acts have, too, caused many astonishing animals to go extinct. Because of our avarice for money, many had used to hunt for animal fur, tusks et cetera. It has now been illegal, in most countries, for humans to hunt for animals. However, many species have already become extinct. Who knows which species will be next?

As a citizen of the world, I played my role in aiding the world to turn into a better place. In both 2018 and 2019, some acquaintances and I got selected for various environmental programmes and competitions. While working on assorted projects, I had learnt a remarkably large amount of environmental-related information. I have also gone on environmental workshops to learn more facts about the orb and widen my insight. Since then, I have immeasurably reduced my usage of energy and water. Water and energy are two significant things in life. We MUST cherish them and utilize them wisely. Every droplet of water counts. Every little amount of energy matters. Another one out of several things I contributed to benefit mother earth was to constantly evoke my friends and family about conserving appliances. Most of my friends started adopting to my actions, albeit some neglected my advice.

In my opinion, all schools around the globe should have their students go through environmental classes. Everyone should put in at least some effort to contribute to the world. With that, many environmental issues would greatly overcome. Soon, the lifespan of Gaia would then increase. Additionally, I do think that people should reduce wastage more, rather than to recycle. Reducing is way more important than recycling, as, if the amount of wastage decreases, there wouldn’t even be a need for recycling. In the long run, we should all treat Earth with care. Earth is our planet, our place, our home, and it’s our responsibility to treat it with love. Our single efforts might seem insignificant now, but if many of us can unite together towards nature conservation, then, one day our efforts could be a drastic step to prolong the survival of our beloved motherland.

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Environmental Science and Climate Change
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