Diversity of Nature in Nepal

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Nepal is the most naturally diverse country. The word ‘Himalaya’ is attached to our name, when we talk about the natural beauty of Nepal. Of course, we start with the country of The tallest Mount Everest; but all that takes over the entire discussion is this topic- natural and geographical diversity of Nepal. Well no? In fact we can say Nepal and diversity are like bones and fish. The substantial influence of the natural diversities has always fascinated many people including us ourselves which has sparked the controversy over the potential impact of this trend.

It can be agreed that Nepal proudly promotes its natural diversity to the world and also offers many products via the lodging industry, resorts and other properties nestle in the hill tops, riversides and even in the proted areas. While this essay will elaborate both the positive and negative effects of promotion of natural diversity in this country.
At the outset there are numerous reasons why Nepal promotes its natural diversity to the world through lodging industry and many more protected areas but also the most conspicious one lies in the fact that tourist industry in Nepal has due to its incomparable tourist attractions despite having very basic and even inadequate accomodation; accesibility and other ancillary facilities and services.

While reviewing the literature in the context of Nepalese tourism, Tourism Act 2035 BS (1978 AD) and hotel, lodges, restaurant, bar and tour guide regulation 2038 Bs. (1981 AD), provide legal basis for the establishment and operation of all forms of tourism related enterprises including accomodation enterprises in Nepal.

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Moreover there are countless benefits to create a diverse workplace as an ilustration diversity in the workplace either through lodging industry or many other protected areas it surely increases productivity, communication and innovation. Furthermore, an awareness of diversity allows the company to design and provide services to the guest that are inclusive and very reflective of their unique wants or needs. Thus, promoting natural diversity and offering its products through lodging industried is definitely a very good idea also to explore the nation in a wide range whole over the world.
Another key justification for uploading this nation is that Nepal is samall but beautiful country with the diversed wildlife and rich in bio- diversity which is one of the main reason for the attraction of the tourist and definitely helps in the economy of the country. But we also cannot deny the fact that because of the establishment many resortss, hotels in hill tops and riversides and many more protected areas has resulted in defforestation which certainly affects the natural beauty of Nepal. Nevertheless, there remain some drawbacks or challenge which can certainly overwhelm the potential influence of promoting the beauty of the country to the world through the hospitality but the most alarming is rooted in the fact that resorts and other properties nestle in hill tops, riverside and even in protected areas if managed according to the eco-friendly way its definitely safe in the context of saving natural diversity. As an illustration, hospitality sector plays an inportant role in welcoming the guest either it is us or tourist from other countries.So, in my opinion promoting the natural diversity which is ovbiously very famous in the country , through the lodging system which involves friendly treatement of guest or tourists which cannot be seperated from each other , people get to know more about our country during the period of viewing and lodging.
Approaches to deal with the setbacks originated by hospitality sector, resorts and many protected areas are innumerable but the most effective one is that is creates employment for the people of the country, it also undoublty promotes culture and traditions, explore natural beauties and overall promotes awareness which is directly benefited to the nation and people living over here.

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Diversity of Nature in Nepal
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