Ethanol Fuel as a Replacement fo Gasoline

Categories: Global Warming

A replacement for gasoline-ethanol fuel. First, even though the reading believes that ethanol could not solve the problem of global warming. The professor argues in the lecture that ethanol fuel can reduce pollution. This is because ethanol fuel is made from plants, and plants can absorb carbon dioxide, which means that ethanol fuel can solve environmental problems. Obviously, the professor's argument disproves its counterpart in the reading.

Moreover, despite the statement in the reading is that the increasing number of ethanol fuels will lead to the disappearance of animals' food.

The professor contends that this new fuel cannot reduce the substantial source of food for animals. He supports his point with the fact that just a little part of the corn needs to produce fuel, and the animal does not eat this part of the corn. In other words, ethanol would not influence the food of the animal.

Finally, the professor asserts that the price of ethanol will not be a problem for consumers.

Whereas the author of the reading claims that people will not buy ethanol because of the high price. The professor proves that this claim is indefensible by pointing out that if people stop buying gasoline, more companies will produce ethanol, at the same time, the more production of ethanol will lead to the lower price of the ethanol. Therefore, ethanol's price will not influence the market.

In conclusion, the professor clearly identifies the weakness in the reading and convincingly shows that the central argument in the reading — that is, ethanol is not a good replacement for gasoline is incorrect.

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Ethanol Fuel as a Replacement fo Gasoline
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