Evolution and Global Warming

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Global warming is the human weakness that satirized because people refuse to see it as a real problem. I want everyone to recognise that my personal worry about global warming should be their worry as well. Together, we should make plans of action in reducing this problem. People need to perceive that our lives would improve if we took care of Earth better.

Identification and Analysis

In the first cartoon, hyperbole was used, this is shown because there is more ice in the first picture than there is in the second.

It alludes to a situation where all of the earth is just going to start melting away, and that isn’t true.
In the second cartoon, irony was used, this is shown because the earth is a good and safe place and it has a wall that is guarding it all around and only outside the wall there is smoke and pollution. This is ironic because that’s not how the world is at all or ever will be.

It shows how everyone continues to pollute the earth every day knowing how bad that is for the earth.

The tone of the satire is worried, it’s really troubling to think about how every day we continue to ruin and destroy the earth and we know that there will be consequences that we will have to face. Not only even us, but our children and everyone that comes after us.
The first example shows how not educated and blind most people are to the problem that is going on, and how stubborn we are for not trying to fix it and letting it happen.

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In the second example it shows the weakness that we have when it comes to self-control, without it we won’t ever stop destroying the earth.


The first example would be much better at presenting the problem. It really shows how blind people are when it comes to global warming, we choose to look the other way while continuing to pollute. People even choose not to learn about the issue, they don’t want to hear that we need to make a change. People would just rather sweep it under the rug and continue doing things they way they were no matter what will happen to the people in the future. It really shows how much the earth needs protection and it needs to be protected from people, that’s the problem.

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Evolution and Global Warming
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