Extinction Rates - West African Lions

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Background: Lions are one of the most beautiful and majestic creatures on the face of the earth, these animals. This particular species is found in West Africa. The problem is many hunters are going after these animals because they want kill them just for spot or these lions pose as a threat to domestic animals and humans kill the to solve this problem. Humans are also driving out these species because they are trying to industrialize these animals habitats. Over the past 100 years African lions have became more and more endangered.

Studies predict that the can become totally extinct by 2050. Lions are one of societies favorite animals because of the king like personality but many people want to hunt them just so they have a trophy and can say they have killed a lion.

Cause: The main cause of these lions becoming endangered is because of humans. Many humans from all over the world traveled to many parts of Africa looking for lions to hunt just for fun and sport.

Many animals are hunted for specific parts of their bodies but lions hardly offer anything to a hunter. It makes the hunting very pointless but for hunters it’s about bragging and the trophy of a lion. Also humans are coming into the lions territory and they are leaving their habitats and having to relocate. Humans who have domesticated animals near lion habitats also try and kill lions because they are afraid if the lions hurting their domestic animals.

Effects: Humans are affecting many parts of the ecosystem.

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They are killing of endangered animals which does not let the predators of the endangered animals eat therefore the whole food chain is thrown off. The extinction of these lions would affect the biosphere because the biosphere is always in a cycle of endangerment of all living species.

Claim: Lions are becoming more and more endangered everyday in 2050 they are predicted to become completely extinct. Without lions the food chain for other animals will be thrown off and predators the the lions will have to find other sources of food. Humans need to put an end to hunting and poaching of the West African lions because without them many other species will be left hungry and having to seek other prey.

Analysis: In the graph and table it shows how 8,750 lions are being killed per 20 years. In the year 2050 it shows that there will be no more of this species. The graph has a negative trend because so many lions are being killed the line trends downwards.


This issue needs to be solved immediately because if we wait too long these lions will be gone forever.

Many charities have been set up to create preserves, reserves and sanctuaries but hunters come in those illegally and are not always caught.

The best thing for these beautiful creatures are to stop hunting. One way to stop huntings to have fines We could have a special reserve for these beautiful animals. To solve this problem I would have higher security at each reserve and have a much higher ax if these hunters are caught possibly even jail time .

We could focus more on animals safety and their wellbeing then on the industrialization and the making of new facilities on their habitats.

The only setback to this solution is the cost. With the added people securing the area you would need to pay them and if we wanted to have special fences around the reserve that would be costly. This option is one of the best for the environment because all we are adding is protection for these animals.

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Extinction Rates - West African Lions
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