Finding Nemo

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Finding Nemo is about a clownfish who is very cautious about his son Nemo. Marlin and his wife had a family together. Marlin was very protective of his family and wanted nothing more than the best for them.

Marlin lost his family tragically to a barracuda. He noticed there was one egg left and he harbored it and named him Nemo. The word Nemo is Latin for (No one) Nemo was a bit hardheaded and feisty and often did what he was told not to do.

Nemo decided he wanted to swim close to the surface to prove he could do it and he was caught by a diver. He was then put into a fish tank at the dentist’s office.

Marlin who was upset, scared, and angry adding to his already paranoia from losing his family knew he had to go and find him so he set out to look for him. Along the way, he would meet many sea animals who would help him to realize that it was not his fault his family was taken away from him.

The Sea turtle was one of my favorite characters because he gave him the best advice. He helped him to believe that he cannot expect to have control over every little detail that goes on in his life.

Dory is the blue reef fish who had a short memory and lives day today. She was the most important character in the movie because she is the one who helped him to let go of all memory and be able to live with the tragedy of his family.

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This is seen at the end of the movie when Marlin sends Nemo off to school without hesitation This journey would include encounters with a multitude of ocean dangers.

Clownfish who are hermaphroditic this means they can change from male to female. These clownfish usually travel in groups together with one alpha female in the bunch and when the alpha female dies out of the group another fish goes from male to female and that did not happen. Nemo’s mom died, and his father should have taken on the role of the female, which means Nemo’s dad should have become his mom. This did not happen in the movie. Marlin continued to be the male figure as well as his dad.

All clownfish are born males. They live in packs called schools lead by a female clownfish, Should the female die the next in line would be the biggest male fish that will go from male thalf-lito female to lead the school. They have a close relationship with anemones because this is their protection and food source.

Marlin and Nemo both live in the Great Barrier Reef. This Reef is the largest living structure here on earth and is located in the Coral Sea in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is home to the Pacific Ocean It has a little over 2000 kilometers of islands and ocean floor reefs between the Queensland Coast and the very edge of the Pacific Oceans Western side.

The Australian Great Barrier reef is not just one reef. It is a reef made up of more than 2,900 and 900 islands. The Great Barrier Reef is so large it can be seen from the moon. It’s about as large as 70 million football fields. That sounds larger than life itself. It holds about 450 different types of coral, 1500 different species of fish, and 4000 kinds of a mollusk.

How the moon plays an important part in sea life?

The moon is one of the prettiest sights in the sky when it is half lit or just a full moon, but it also plays an important role in sea life. The moon plays a very important part in coral reef life. It synchronizes a 24-hour cycle of day and night with the season most beautiful places such as the Red Sea. The moon also regulates the tides that wash up, during the cycle of waxing and waning periods. The moon also plays a part in the life cycle of coral reef animals. Twice a month when the moon is full, and a new moon is starting over there is a gravitational pull between the sun and the moon that produces a spring tide. When the moon is full the reef will be full of moonlight.

Spawning behavior has the biggest effect on the phase of the moon. During this time a lot of the animals breed during lunar and semilunar periods. This usually happens every lunar cycle during a full moon. This period helps to become familiar with others of the same species.

Early Warning Signs of Global Warming to Coral Reefs

The Coral reef is a very productive ecosystem here on Earth. It provides a multitude of services including shoreline protection. Coral reefs are also very sensitive to long-term climate change and high sea temperatures can cause the coral to lose algae. When the algae die it turns white. This is called bleaching leaving water temps as low as one degree Celsius.

(Goreau and Hayes, 1994). Studies indicate that most corals are likely to recover from bleaching if the temperature anomalies persist for less than a month, but the stress from sustained high temperatures can cause physiological damage that may be irreversible (Wilkinson et al., 1999).

In 1998 coral reefs around the world experienced the most extensive and severe bleaching in recorded history (ISRS, 1998; Wilkinson et al., 1999).

Since 2016 The Coral Reef has lost nearly half its coral. The coral reef that use to resemble color and vibrance is now much like nothing. By 2050 90% of it will be gone. This is due to climate change and ocean temperatures. Scientists are now working to fix this problem.

Climate change is one day going to change the way we live one day. It has already started due to global warming in our oceans, farms, and forest.

During the filing of ‘Finding Nemo” The Australian coral reef was colorful and vibrant so full of life. Today some parts are just grey and have no color.

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