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Finnegan Constructions is a company that develops residential by building apartment complexes in the Stanwell Council district. The company has 58 male staff who lives within the Stanwell district who are professional and have different construction-related trades.

In the Stanwell district, there is high competition for personnel who are professionals in the construction field since there are many companies that operate in the same industry as Finnegan Constructions.

Writing a sustainability report is essential since it allows the company to communicate with the key stockholders on what plan they have for sustainability (Wallage 2000).

Our commitment

Finnegan construction stakeholders are putting much effort into achieving sustainability by being economically, and environmentally socially viable. The company recognizes the importance of including non-financial details such as sustainability disclosures in its annual report. This helps to explain how the company contributes to sustainability (Aras and Crowther, 2009; Cho et al., 2012; Higgins et al., 2015; Patten and Zhao, 2014).

Finnegan constructions have a role in maximizing their shareholders’ wealth and also creating value for society.

This role would result in a win-win proposition for both the companies and society and by which the company to develop a long-term innovative strategy with various business opportunities.

Finnegan Constructions is committed and takes sustainability and the environment very seriously. They are proactive and take measures in ensuring that sustainability is deeply rooted in the heart of their business practices.

Economic sustainability

Economic sustainability disclosure for Finnegan contains financial implications and various opportunities and risks that are brought about by climate change.

The warming effect which is caused by climate change has increased risk bushfires risks.

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This can hurt our customers who can lose everything through the fire or even loss life. Finnegan constructions are working firmly with Stanwell Council so that they can comply with the proposed amendment to the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) to rezone a particular area in the Stanwell District as liable to bushfires. The LEP amendment will take place within taking within less than two months.

Areas that were identified as prone to bushfires during the amendment of LEP were given the highest safety priorities such as leaving a large interval that will separate the buildings and land boundaries and implementing the usage of fire retardant building materials. These proactive measures will help to minimize the risk of bushfires in the area.

Finnegan Constructions has also established a slot in the Stanwell district that has been pinpointed as an area that is rezoned as bushfire prone and has been covered by the LEP amendment. Finnegan will spend more than $4 million to adhere to LEP requirements. The company is committed to participating in an external town planning firm so that it can manage to develop an application and work together with Stanwell Council to minimize these potential costs. Finnegan Constructions will spend $50,000 to acquire town planning firm services.

Finnegan Constructions was involved in a corruption scandal. The company took some action plans to rectify this incident.

One of our former staff David Dawson reported a complaint to the state corruption commission stating that the company has been involved with public corruption. Five employees from Finnegan constructions and two business partners are corrupt. They did this to push the approval process of the development application of the company by the council. The employees involved and the two external consultants gave bribes to council project officers.

The state corruption commission took the action and charged each of the five employees and one of the external consultants with corruption.

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