The First Sighting of Global Warming in the Anthropogenic Era

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The global warming that has been over 3000 years ago has been in effect of how the world has drastically changed over the many years and it has greatly impacted on how we use our resources and the new technology with the innovation that people have discovered over the many centuries and eras. The anthropogenic era dates back to a time where the first sightings of global warming takes place and accumulates a massive global impact on the geology and the earth’s ecosystems.

This caused the whole apprehension of the temperature and climate to be continuously evolved.

Furthermore, before the anthropogenic era man has not been fully developed and studied. Within the ancient times man was building and discovered what they could do which could result in so many pollutes in which they did not know about. Although there is little information about certain sources of the global warming that occurred over three thousand years ago there is still evidence to be discovered and shown.

There are many ways that global warming can be found. Which can determine the amount of certain pollutants were used which in terms can help find what was happening before this time.

Global warming began almost eighteen thousand years ago when the Ice Ages were great big sheets of ice all over the world covering what we know land today. About every twenty through 40 thousands years the world will once again turn into an Ice Age and the interglacial period will return warming the Earth.

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Which will ice then inhabit most of the Earth and keep it unlivable for humans. Since global warming exist and climate change we have interglacial periods. During the interglacial periods the glaciers slowly disappear and the sea level slowly starts to rise.

One of the most common ways that scientist and researchers find these certain observations is through the air bubbles found in the ice located in Greenland and Antarctica. Some specific ice can determine what type of gases were being highly polluted and how humans were dealing with it. Ice coring has been recently added to the finding of climate change over the decades and finding global warming patterns. Drilling a vertical hole through the ice to persevere it and looking at the ice the same way as looking at the rings from a tree can be calculated as to how long ago it was formed with its ecological footprints it might have.

Although during most of the ancient time the world was still being constantly warmed and it continues to rise by a total of 4 to 7 degrees Celsius over a long period of time causing conditions to be averaged out and no significant affect was happening at the time. Over a century ago researchers were finding and discovering thousands of artifacts along rivers in the Middle East. Since in Egypt and in Mesopotamia was once the first civilization its findings collected data of how their agriculture once was and what specific glaciers they were collecting water from.

Studies have shown that when the environment is being warmed it suffers more often than when the climate and the environment is colder. Recently the temperatures have been affected by the greenhouse gases and raising the temperature tremendously. With warmer climates it brings moisture and harsh climates to the Northern Hemisphere.  The temperatures are constantly being changed up and down through the eras and centuries that at some point in the past and or future there would be similar climate changes. It all correlates to how the Earth is constantly changing. 

Climate change refers to global warming and the rise in the surface temperature on our planet. Since it primarily on the use of fuels and the releasing of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases into the air. Every ecosystem has its own guide as to how it will maintain its stability and its environment. Plants and animals as well have a specific climate condition that they are comfortable with. For example, coral reefs are struggling to keep their survival. Since aspects that happened over three thousand years ago are still affecting the way that the coral reef is produced now. For example, bleaching, the loss of algal pigmentation could have helped or affected it worse by the climate changes and global warming that happened long ago.

Furthermore, around the time period of three thousand years ago there was a transaction between hunting and gathering to becoming Ice Age cultures. With the Ice Age coming to an end the human population was increasing and they would receive their agriculture in the coastlines. Only recently did we realize that we were causing global warming in the Earth around 1859 from a Swedish scientist. Our world about the fossil fuels and carbon monoxide changed completely. In the long run the climate will brighten up the sun more capturing carbon monoxide and the extinction of plants with increased humidity and more boiling and evaporations in continued lifetime.

With the amount of possible global warming outcomes there are numerous effects that could have caused the effects that are going on now such as more heat extremes, droughts, rapid migration of ecological zones and more biomass and lower nutritional value. All factors could have causes the increase of carbon dioxide and the climate warming up more than usual. All of these aspects caused the atmosphere to change dramatically and inhabit new toxins, absorb solar ultraviolet and also contribute to air pollution more.  

Overall, global warming before the anthropogenic era was smooth sailing considering that the majority of the time there was little to no movement happening and since there was no real impact there were always little ice ages happening and new wonders were being built. With the technology we have today we are able to understand and figure out specific climate changes that were happening right when they did. Not only was climate change and global warming happening during the Stonehenge time but in the Easter islands, which describes one of the first records ever.

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The First Sighting of Global Warming in the Anthropogenic Era
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