Future Of The Greenhouse Effect

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In my research of the future of the greenhouse effect, I have found out that the outlook of the earth is pretty bad. Every year every country in the world puts out more and more toxins into the air. The major toxins that are put into the air are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons. These toxins are put into the air from cars, factories, and the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, and oil.

Some scientists believe that the earth is in a cycle to go into hot spells and into cold spells, (Global Warming and Ice Ages). Scientists also believe that if we stopped cutting down so many trees and all of the rain forests that global warming and the greenhouse effect would slow down. The reason for this theory is that if we had more plants on the earth that they would all need more CO2 and this would prevent the CO2 from insulating the earth in turn making more 02 which would make the air quality of the whole earth a lot better.

The fact is that if the earthis temperature were to rise as little as three degrees then the polar ice caps at the north and south poles would begin to melt and coastal areas would be flooded. The more the temperature rises the more the ice caps melt the more the earth would flood. The important thing to remember is that if these ice caps melt then we canit correct this problem.

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The only way we could even have a chance to correct this would be to have another ice age that is nearly impossible for us to do. It would be nearly impossible for man to survive the ice age, an ice age would last over a million years, which wouldnit benefit out generation, but in turn make life even worse for our children. Even though this is a very serious problem that is already out of control, there are still things that we can do to slow the process and keep the world from over heating. If we use better cars that don't emit as many toxins into the air then it would greatly reduce the amount of toxins in the air. If power plants would spend the money to fix their power plants, then that would be even more toxins that wouldnt be in the air. If we cut out all of these things then the world would be in a lot better condition.

The fact is that the United States is the leading producer in most industries, but in turn the United States is also the leading producer of earth polluting toxins. There are several countries that are also leaders in polluting the earth, but the other countries never seem to catch the heat for it because we are already in every bodyis business, so this is an easy way for other countries to get back at us. Since many of us live far inland we tend not to worry about global warming and the greenhouse effect because we know that no matter how much the earth floods that it will never reach us here in Ohio. Even though this is true we need to think about the Everglades in Florida which would we wiped off the face of the earth if the polar ice caps melt. The thought that we will not be effected by global warming is just false hope, if the south floods then people and animals will be forced to move north. This doesnlt pose a problem until people from Mexico have to move far north bringing with them many unheard of diseases.

These diseases will spread through the Carolinas and eventually Vermont, areas in which are already going to have enough problems from flooding and massive storm systems. Some scientists believe that the tilt of the earthis axis changes to tilt the opposite way every 10,000 years lake a cycle. While going through this cycle it will change the climate of areas. Right now it is moving so that North America is going to be close to the sun in the winter. Seasons become more extreme when the opposite happens. This controls the cycle of ice ages. Volcanoes when then erupt, send clouds of dust into the air blocking the sunlight. This would cool down the earth off more. Oceans are known to absorb CO2 because of there is naturally rapid climate changes between each ice age, which confuses the whole global warming and ideas. I think that every human being should take part in the fight to stop global warming. The government is the key to this and they better do something soon or it will be too late. First, the American government should sponsor a meeting between the nations of this world. They should establish a committee for handling the money, politics, and scientific research in order to help cut back the emission of gases into the atmosphere. Every country will contribute by donating money. Each country would be required to give 0.01 of their GNP to this committee. If they refuse they will be boycotted and nothing will be sold to them by the participating countries.

Global warming is a big threat to our nation and the world. If we do not stop it now, it may be too late. Of course, there is no sure way of telling if there are terrible things waiting to happen to this world, that are worse than the greenhouse effect, but lets not take any chances. Look at what is happening to this world, and you will see that there is a pollution problem. There are steps being taken at this very moment to reduce the gases put into the air but it still isnit enough. We need to cut back more by taking a few easy steps. Plant a tree, or take a bus to work instead of driving your own car. Those Things may not seem like a lot. but if more and more people do it, it will make a difference in the future of global warming.


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Future Of The Greenhouse Effect
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