Genetically Modified Organism or Pesticides

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GMOs a very debatable topic in agriculture. You see everywhere now almost on every food container or label that it is a non GMO product. Do you know what a GMO is? Genetically modified organism, they are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering.

So what’s the big deal, some say it benefits the plant life. By moving other genetics from other plants it benefits the product to make it last and stay longer through rough weather conditions.

Of course you can move everything into a greenhouse but that is not always available or accessible for farmers around the world. It can also prevent the use of pesticides in products. Insects and weeds won’t damage the product due to the genetic code so spraying pesticides is not necessary. It helps too because not as much water is necessary to grow the products. It preserves the land while doing more with less and helps us with struggling environmental challenges.

In drier climates farmers can grow products without worrying about drought.

Farmers intention is to benefit their customers by a better genetic product. The cost that farmers have from just labeling each and every product is a total of $2.30 per person; times how many people in America? Yeah that\'s crazy right?! So how many people in America? Anyone? 327 million… and counting people in the United States. That cost is huge for the farmer to take on.

Are GMOs safe? Well….

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Some debate that they are not safe for human consumption. People say that GMOs can cause cancer, autism, allergies, gluten intolerance and other illnesses. Due to the genetic modifications they feel that it alters human genetics as well. People think that livestock eating genetically modified grain that there will be GMOs in your meat, milk, and eggs. \nResearchers have done the research and say that GMOs do not cause cancer, autism, allergies, gluten intolerance, and other illnesses. There is nothing inherently different about food from GMO crops than food from conventional crops. GMOs are nontoxic to animals it does not change them genetically as well. \nThe debate is it better to eat conventional crops that have had to be sprayed with pesticides versus crops that are genetically modified that no or minimal spraying has to happen to grow the product.) Better to eat the GMO or pesticide. If we don’t make changes nature will choke itself out and how do we feed 327 million in the United States.

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Genetically Modified Organism or Pesticides
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