Geothermal Energy: The Solution to the Energy Problem in the United States

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The United States is currently dealing with a major issue with energy problem that is trying to find new sources of energy that is great for the environment, cost effective and long lasting. I think the answer to the energy problem is right beneath our feet, geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is the heat from beneath the earth. The core of the earth which is about 4000 miles which could reach up to 7,600 degrees Fahrenheit expand outward heating up the mantle, melting the outer layers of rock.

  The molten rock is known as magma. And when it rain, the water can easily slip right through any crack on the earth surface and get heated by the magma and rises back up to the surface and forms hot springs or get trapped right beneath the surface as geothermal reservoir. Electricity can be generated from the geothermal energy. To do so wells need to be drilled in to the geothermal reservoirs, which are, trapped right beneath the earth’s surface.

The hot water from the reservoir wises to the surface as stream and the steam then triggers the turbines to spin and produce electricity, which can power the entire grid. The advantages of using geothermal energy is that it’s environmentally friendly, it’s a renewable energy, and not only does it produce electricity it can be used to heat and cool homes and businesses. I think geothermal energy is the answer to our energy problem.

The advantage of using geothermal energy is that it can be directly used.

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Back in the ancient time hot springs have been used for bathing. And now we can use it directly to heat and cool houses and businesses using geothermal heat pumps. Another benefits of suing geothermal energy is that it is environmentally friendly.  It does not cause air pollution because it eliminates the need to use fossil fuels. And because fossil fuels are not being uses there are not released of greenhouse gases.  With the increase prices for oil using geothermal energy put us in a place where we don’t have to rely on fossil fuels. And not only that we help minimize the contribution to global warming from the release of the greenhouse gases. By doing so we are conserving our fossil fuels.  Also without the release of the greenhouse gases to contaminate the air we are reducing our carbon footprint.   Geothermal energy is a renewable energy. It means the earth will continuously produce the heat as long as the earth produce rain to be absorbed into the ground and get heated by the magma to rise back up. And if we conserve it, the supply will last longer than that of fossil fuels. Also geothermal energy is stable. Unlike wind or solar power you do not have to be afraid if it’s not windy today or sunny today because geothermal energy is available 24/7. Another great thing about geothermal energy plant is that if investors invest in such a project it will bring on a lot of jobs for the areas.

There are many benefits in using geothermal energy, but lets not forget the disadvantages of using geothermal energy. Though geothermal energy is cost effective after it’s installed, the initial price to install it is very expensive.  To start the process you would need to find a large piece of land. The location that you pick can’t just be anywhere it needs to be close to a hot spring or geothermal reservoir. If that’s is not a hassle already you have to dig up this large piece of land and install the pipes.  And to extract the geothermal energy you would need a lot of water. Though once install the geothermal energy is free, a lot of people chose not to use geothermal energy because they can’t afford to install it. Another issue with the use of geothermal energy is that it’s not a widespread source of energy.  Because it’s not widely used, the people, the skills, equipment and training are limited. Also depending on where the sites are for the geothermal energy plant, the steam that rises to the surface can run out eventually. A contributing factor to that could be a drop in temperature or if there is way too much water entering the rocks and cooling it down. This could be a huge lost for the companies invested in geothermal energy plant.  Another reason why geothermal energy is not beneficial is that though it might not release greenhouses gases it can release other harmful gases. All of these disadvantages are reason why investors do not want to invest in building geothermal energy plant.

Despite the disadvantages of using geothermal energy I think looking at a bigger picture geothermal energy will be more beneficial in the long run. Though the initial cost is high it will be worth because after that it’s an endless supply of heat. It’s a big investment but the profit will make it worth.  Just think of it this way we have to pay a lot monthly for the utility bills, now though it cost a lot to install geothermal energy at first, but then our utility bills after that lower significantly. The cost won’t fluctuate like it would with oils.  There is a possible chance that the steam might run out but that chance of happening is just the same as the chances of fossil fuel running out or if there is not wind today for wind power or sun for solar power. Geothermal energy might not be used widely right now but I feel that is because they are not being educated about it. I pay the utility bills monthly and I would love it if the bills can be lowered. I would not mind investing in something big and afterward able to have all the heat I want right beneath my feet.  The initial step in switching to geothermal energy is rough and costly but it will pay off later on. I really do believe that geothermal energy will only benefit the community. So don’t look at the current moment and complain but rather look at the whole picture.

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Geothermal Energy: The Solution to the Energy Problem in the United States
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