Global Issue Affected By Technology

Today the use of technology is everywhere. everyone agrees that we are on the era of technology. However if the expansion of technology benefits to everyone, how does it helps or what is its impacts on global issues.

First, the Technology helps to solve the problem of education. In the past, the lack of school infrastructure was the main cause of illiteracy. In fact, for the poor region of the world, it was so expensive to build school and to maintain school.

Today, online classes are a best answer to address that problem of education, especially for those who live in poor and remote area. The technology opens up the new opportunities for student all over the world to get skills and knowledge. Only with a computer and internet, any student can receive education and get a degree from anywhere. The course can be set through video conferencing. Also, during their training, the virtual reality tools can be used to help learner to experience situation closest to the reality.

In brief the technology has made knowledge easy to access. Moreover, increasingly fast internet and advanced network coverage are also providing to those who cannot enroll in school or university, the chance to access free online courses, or self-learning through free sites like Wikipedia and YouTube. In brief, the Technology brought the best answer to solve that problem that education issue.

Another blessing of technology is in the healthcare area. In our textbook Technology in action by Alan Evans, Kendrall Martin and Mary Anne, the authors illustrate how technology is used to provide sensitive answers to healthcare issues.

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For example, they present how scientific are using technology to address the problem of concussion injury in the sport. With sensors imbedded in helmet, team physicians are collecting data in order to determine the location and force of an impact to the head. Researchers, now know that even without an actual concussion, athletes can sustain serious damage from repeated impacts of their brain against the skull. Next, they showed how using newer scientific visualization tools, scientists are developing antibodies for flu viruses and even HIV. Viruses that were difficult to target because they continually changed shape are now controllable. Last, authors allude how intense modeling software is helping researchers to increase the pace of vaccine production. (Evans, Alan P.5).

Next with the use of sensor, technology can help to face the problem of climate change by creating efficient smart city. According to Singtel Optus the combination of the internet of thing in creation of city can help to solve the problem of polluting air and heating system. It could be also a solution for improving the use of electricity and water. To illustrate, Singtel mentioned how in the city of Barcelona, sensors has been installed to build smart irrigation system, to improve water conservation and to regulate problem such as city’s noise, rain and air quality. Moreover, in its article the author shows how 23% of CO2 emissions are correlated to the problem of transport. Therefore, he presents the electric car as the best answer for that problem of pollution.

However, if technology brings many satisfactions by solving some global issues, sometimes it is the factor of serious harm to the environment as well. The e-waste known as the waste from electronic devices is one of the biggest bad effect of technology. In fact, without regulation the way that people discard their all electronic appliances such as, laptops, smartphones tablets and others can seriously harm the environment. Where we can count the perverse effects of this waste on all components of the environment. According to the website Rubicon Global, the burning of electronic device affected air where they create cancer producing dioxins into the air. This can create air pollution. Next, the e-waste can also get into the water tables and changes it to toxic and unusable for communities, animals and plants. Last, the e-Waste can contaminate the soil with heavy metals, and restricts vial able farmland for good food production.

Paradoxically enough, the era of the internet has also given birth to a new form of criminality, called cybercrime. Cybercrime or computer crime ranges bad activities as identity theft and credit card fraud, hacking, email bombing, phishing and others. As now many people have been once victim of cybercrime knowing or without knowing. However, the victims of cybercrime can face problem for the rest of their lives. the problems vary from those whose money has been stolen to bad reputation for those whose image has been dirty.

In conclusion technology has helped to improve our quality of life where it contribution help to solving global issues like education, healthcare and climate change. However, technology also come with some perverse effects as pollution or cybercrime. Therefore, without educating and preparing people to the usage of technology, the world could end up with more problem than before.

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Global Issue Affected By Technology
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