Global Warming and Climatic Changes

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Throughout history, the earth has experienced major changes to the climates. 

There was a time when water covered an area that is now dry or even a time once fertile area now a barren desert caused by the impact of great heat precipitation. There was also a time when massive ice glacier covered the section of the world measuring up to hundreds of thousands of feet, known as the ice age. As time moves forwards the earth temperature shifted from cold to hot due to human activity.

In the last century the earth climates have been fluctuating, due to global warming. Scientists believe that this is the cause of humans actions since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Since then we have emitted a gas into the air called greenhouse gas which is heating up the earth. Global warming can cause a set number of changes to the earth climates and environment. Its impact on this planet leads to the attention of scientist and the church.

Since the Industrial age in the late 1700s, factories all over the world have been “burning increasing amounts of fossil fueling, coal, gas, and oil”(Dolan 113) which are emitting CO2 up into the air. As a result of the production from these factories, the carbon dioxide began to strengthen the barrier of the atmosphere which is blocking the heat of the sun to escape. As days and years pass more and more of the heat is being trapped inside the atmosphere, in response raises the air temperature of the earth.

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For a century we have releasing massive amounts CO2 and other gases into the earth atmosphere. Having the sun's energy combined with the gases produced by burning fossil fuels being trapped inside earth's atmosphere gives us the greenhouse effect this is a process where the sun's energy is radiated to the earth. The greenhouse effect is a term that has been used for the past decades which “refers to the phenomenon that intensifies the atmosphere heat”(Dolan 112). The atmosphere of the earth absorbs some of the energy that the sun is giving off and radiating some of it back out into space. While this is happening the naturally occurring gases traps the energy that is supposed to go out into space and reflecting it back on to earth, heating up the earth. The greenhouse effect has been known since 1824, by a scientist named Joseph Fourier. Without the greenhouse effect, the earth wouldn't be livable, because this is what is keeping the earth a habitable place. Scientists are now worried that global warming can melting ice sheet witches cause sea level to rise and drought in a certain area of the world.

The heat that is trapped in the earth causes the ice sheets to melt in the arctic which can raise sea level. Sea level is caused by adding water from the melting ice sheet. The sea levels are currently rising at a fast rate because the earth is getting hotter and hotter. This is due to the effect of the greenhouse effect because the sun's heat is getting trapped inside the earth atmosphere. The change in temperature can affect the lives of all plants and animal. Plants and animal have a temperature where they must thrive in order to adapt and survive. As a result of human evolution and technology, more factory and production are needed causing the animal to move to temperature zone where they can adapt. The migration of these animals can cause an epidemic or a spread of disease killing off 10% of the population. Drought is one of the most unfavorable climate changes that develops and occurs on earth, it stretches for months or even years for when the land has a decrease in water. It has a negative impact on life on earth such as plants and other wildlife. The land where the plants grow can be horribly damaged and the fruits or vegetables in that area can stop growing or die altogether. The effect of drought can also create economic problems like causing farmers do not have enough water for there plants. It affects the urban area damaging water supply and increases the risk of contamination. The effect it could have on us in the future is that it causes sea level rise which will flood cities that are located near oceans. Million of plants and animals will be extinct and affect the world food chain as global warming kills the, off. Drought will lead many people without water, and especially affecting the farmer that need it for their crops.

A discussion of global warming increases throughout the world, it grabs the attention of the Catholic church. Even though it is still unclear about the full effect or nature of global warming, an agreement or understanding developed to this topic is that it is caused by human activity. The U.S. bishop expressed their thoughts in 2001 pastoral saying that the issue '…is about the future of God's creation and the one human family. Its is about protecting both the human environment and the natural environment”(Fay, Global climate change USCCB) Sacred Scripture insists that all believers should care for God's children and his creation. By being born we are considered stewards of God garden and should take responsibility and care for our home. As “ God saw all that He had made and found it very good”(Genesis 1: 31). Within the teaching of the Catholic Social teaching of the church, there are three themes that apply to church concern about the environment. First, involvement or concern with the environment calls upon us to respect the life and dignity. Second, “as the world becomes increasingly interdependent, we have a call to promote the common good and the virtue of solidarity(Fay, Global climate change USCCB). Third, in the involvement of caring for the environment, we must take in consideration of the personality of the poor and vulnerable.

Global warming can cause a set number of changes to the earth climates and environment. This all began since the dawn of the industrial revolution. Factory and technology were born leading to mass consumption of fossil fuel, coal, gas, and oil. As result, this CO2 is emitted into the air making the atmosphere harden as it traps the CO2. In the same response with the sun, it releases heat and energy into the earth and the atmosphere reflects some of the energy back into space. With the greenhouse effect in action, the energy from the sun cannot be reflected back, thus causing the air temperature of our earth to rise. With hearts getting trapped it causes the ice sheets to melt, risking the rise of sea levels. With the rise of sea level, cities that are near beaches will most likely be damaged. Plants and animals have a normal temperature where they are able to survive, with changes in the temperate animals are forced to migrate to an area where they are able to sustain their lives. All the negative effects of global warming and climate changes bring the attention of the Catholic church. It is said by the bishops that it is a call on us as God's children and creation, to maintain and take responsibility of caring for the environment for the better future of the world.


My stance on global warming and climate change is our activity in production from factories is killing the earth. Ever since we were put onto to this earth all we do is destroy and create using the provided material given to use from this planet. Not only are we taking from the earth we are emitting gases into the earth atmosphere that can potentially increase the possibility of the human race to be wiped out. By using non-renewable resources we largely contribute to the increase of the greenhouse effect. We will not feel the full impact or the influence of the effect for another forty years or somewhere between 2030 or 2050. This is due to “the great ability of the world's ocean to cool the atmosphere”(Dolan 117). It is made possible because of Sea ice which is frozen water that forms expands and melts in the ocean. Sea ice is great because it reflects the light of the sun back into the atmosphere and into space. It is good that heat is still able to escape the atmosphere, but in the future, if we continue containing the gases and heat of the earth there will be no future. For me to have a future means to maintain and sustain and current environment people must learn and figure out ways for reproduction without heating up the earth with current technology. With our advancement in technology, I believe that scientists will find a way to release the carbon dioxide back into space.



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