Global Warming Around The World

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The earth is warming up twice as fast and longer than it did a long time ago. Experts say that this will only keep getting worse and we will have even hotter and longer days. The first heat wave of this summer was truly felt in Israel, the region is warming up 20% faster than it did before.Although, many scientists do not want to associate these changes in temperature to climate change,experts like professor Saaroni suggest otherwise.

In recent years we have in fact seen how climate change and global warming have played a huge part in temperatures rising dramatically.

There is no doubt that we are experiencing global warming around the world and little by little we are witnessing the effects . Scientists have done an extensive amount of research over the years, and by comparing each year they realized and we have witnessed summers being hotter than previous years.In Israel it is currently warming up 20% faster than in previous years.

In one week Israel felt the hottest heat wave yet with rising temperatures all six days. The week before in some other parts of the country they reported rising temperatures that surpass the 45 degrees celsius. These rises in temperatures are extremely dangerous, because they can cause fires,deaths and it can be so unbearable to even walk or be outside. In other parts of the country Israel experienced all that in just the third week of may. They had to cancel classes because of the heat, they also had 3 deaths and bush fires.

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And experts say that will be more common in the upcoming years.

Scientists do not want the rise of temperatures in Israel to cause climate change. But an expert on climatology and climate change, professor Hadass Saaroni says that they need to look at the bigger picture.”changes in the frequency, intensity and duration of extreme events was linked to climate change” (Saaroni,2020). Israeli normally does not get as hot in part because the mediterranian sea receives cool air along the coast. But this time instead of bringing cool air the red sea brought back dry air. Professor saaroni says that there were two factors that played part in this. The first factor was the dry heat being pulled to the ground by the high pressure in upper reaches of the atmosphere then the red sea that brought back the dry air. In conditions like these professor Saaroni says that wildfires in Israel could be a high probability. “In 2010 the Carmel forest fire which killed 44 people was preceded by the red sea through”( Saaroni 2010). Back in 2010 it was not as hot as today therefore the fire was not as catastrophic as the fires we experience today. In 2018 california had one the most catastrophic wildfires yet topping the wildfire of 2017. The fires were a result of dry air and drought. If Israel starts having temperatures that high it can be extremely dangerous.

Israel is an example of how climate change and global warming are happening around the world. “Things we depend on like water,energy transportation, wildlife ,agriculture,ecosystems,and health are experiencing the effects of climate change” (climate change impacts). Even though we are experiencing these things many people still debate on whether or not climate change is really a thing. When people have these doubts they are more likely to move on and not do anything about the problem.In Israel however they have talked about ways to deal with global warming but they say the best thing to do is to adapt. Their plan is to adapt in five different steps , they plan on reducing damage, strengthening the base of knowledge, raising awareness and educating the public. These are just a few ideas but they must first establish a budget. It is the only solution to a problem we cause ourselves. If we don’t change we will only suffer the consequences and much more problems will arise due to climate change.

Climate change and global warming will continue to be a problem. We will see temperatures rise to numbers we can not even think of. Global warming is happening and Israel is just another example of what is already happening. In recent years we have already witnessed what climate change is doing to us. We have to do something about a problem we created. Longer hot waves await us and it will only keep getting worse. California is also another example of climate change. These hot temperatures have shown us how deadly they can be. Israel wants to do something about the problem but does not have the money to do so.

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