Global Warming in the Book, Cool It by Bjorn Lomborg

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I chose the book Cool It because global warming seems to come up in science all the time. I thought this would be a good book since it relates to a relevant topic in today's world. Cool It presents global warming in ways that I have never thought about. It is more than saving polar bears. Global warming awareness can save lives, and help people financially. In the beginning of the book, I felt as if the author was all over the place then tried to make everything he said relate to on point.

Throughout Cool It, I thought Lomborg took too long to reach his points. Though he made excellent points like simple solutions to the problem, it took too long to get there. Tis was the only thing that I did not like about the book.

Every point made related back to money somehow. The processes presented are expensive. However, would it not be better to try and educate everyone about how to improve the environment? One solution would be to simply reduce shower times.

Everyone is capable of doing that. People freak out when taxes are added even though it would be less than a dollar. Even then, the idea of saving money by cutting showers sounds better than paying another tax. Yes, it is difficult to educate everyone about the environment and get everyone to care.

However, I believe the best solution will come from this.

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 Cool It will relate to this environmental science course through discussions and lessons over persevering and improving our planet for future generations. I think we will discuss some of the points made in this book along with some we might develop or hear about in the future. I think through environmental science I will have a better understanding of some background information that this book was created off of. Through this course I will better understand the book. I will also understand some units in this course better because of Cool It.


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Global Warming in the Book, Cool It by Bjorn Lomborg
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