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The new president of Brazil has made a lot of promises and investments in Brazil. The new president scares many people; because he is also known to be like donald trump the president of the united states. Jair has become the new president of Brazil leading to why. “Brazil has invested a great deal of hope in Jair Messias Bolsonaro. The newly elected right-wing president that must now rebuild faith in a political class that has staggered from one corruption scandal to another, (NI Syndication Limited.

The Times 2018)”. Thus leading to many “challenges for Mr Bolsonaro, who has openly praised the military junta that governed Brazil from 1964-1985, and is considerable. There are 12 million unemployed Brazilians and the country is still trying to recover from the worst recession in its history, (NI Syndication Limited. The Times 2018)”. Leading to why the The CBC sent out promotional tweets like these: ‘Brazil’s new president elect, Jair Bolsonaro, is a right-winger who leans toward more open markets.

This could mean fresh opportunities for Canadian companies looking to invest in the resource-rich country.’ ‘Critics have lambasted the former paratrooper for his homophobic, racist and misogynist statements, but his government could open new investment opportunities.'(Torstar Syndication Services, a division of Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd. 2018)

Many people still found reasons to complain even though there aren’t problems with what they are doing. How they are trying to create new opportunities to better Brazil. “The complaints rolled in, mainly from people unfamiliar with business reporting, who inaccurately inferred Arsenault’s ‘feelings’ about the facts he reported, and personalized his story on the fallout of a disastrous election.

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(Torstar Syndication Services, a division of Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd. 2018)” showing how much Jair is like “Donald Trump, like the tyrant Bolsonaro, is a scary clown but he serves a useful purpose for giant multinationals laying waste to our planet. Look at the clown!

Don’t look at the dark figures skulking behind him. (Torstar Syndication Services, a division of Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd. 2018)” meaning that just because Jair is like a clown doesn’t mean what he’s doing is scary or wrong; just means that the way he’s doing it is not the best way. Thus leading to problems happening; “Worst of all, happening such as the Amazon rainforest would be opened to farming, mining and hydroelectric dams. Deforestation would begin in earnest, with terrible consequences for the environment and the Indigenous people who live there. (Torstar Syndication Services, a division of Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd. 2018)”. “showing that what he says in his acceptance speech will in fact ‘change the destiny of Brazil’. He may be right. For the Amazon and its indigenous residents, things will get worse before they get better. This election may also be a tipping point for change.

The staunchly anti-environment Bolsonaro may sow the seeds for radical environmental politics both in Brazil and worldwide. When the night comes, I wonder what might happen, who will be next, and hope that the dawn will come soon, (Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 2018)”. And that “Indigenous groups have good reason to be scared. Over the past decade, Brazil has been the most dangerous country in the world to be a land or environmental defender and 57 of these people were murdered last year alone. According to the NGO Global Witness this kind of violence stems from sections of the agribusiness sector. Particular parts of the Amazon’s cattle industry which is the largest single cause of deforestation globally. The Amazon and its indigenous residents may now be persecuted with even more ferocity, as Bolsonaro promises a new alliance between the security state, agricultural interests and far-right political power”, (Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 2018).

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