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Have you finally started to realize how unfortunate living a wasteful lifestyle can be? Are you determined to lead a more eco-friendly life? Well, you might be feeling a little inundated with these sudden changes. When beginning a new trend, especially of this magnitude, some people could see it as unattainable. Well do not forget to be optimistic, you already have the most complex stage out of the way, the desire to change. First, remember to pace yourself, and it is completely okay to concentrate on minor areas first.

Then, before you know it, you will be confronting the more tedious steps of your eco-friendly lifestyle. Never forget why you started and before you know it, living green will become second nature! If you are interested in doing your part to save the environment, put your phone down and pick this paper up.

It may seem too good to be true, but it is almost effortless to turn the water off while brushing your teeth.

Another way to save water would be attempting to load the dishwasher-less and limiting your time in the shower. These are also proficient ways to decrease water usage. It is well known that water is the most essential resource known to man, and everything on this planet needs it to survive. If everyone made a simple change like this to minimize their water usage and consumption, water could potentially be managed to a point where droughts might not be as common, or even if you are just trying to save money on your bill each month, there is an incentive for everyone!

I do not know if I can speak for the rest of America on this topic however, one thing I am guilty of is, that I tend to use a lot of technology.

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The difference between my neighbor and me is, that I am saving money and the planet. This might be new to some people, but one golden strategy for reducing your electricity use and wattage in the house would be to unplug any electronics that are not being used: TVs, radios, and consoles are the ones I keep unplugged when not in use. Another more widely practiced way of reducing electricity use is purchasing energy-saving light bulbs. Installing these in your home would result in less power being generated and on the bright side, they also last longer.

No change like this would be possible without reducing, reusing, and recycling! Cutting down on waste and shielding the environment would need a group effort from everyone, but that does not mean it is impossible. I know everyone feels a little guilty inside when they get a good view of someone using reusable shopping bags, instead of plastic. Taking home bundles of plastic bags brings nothing but trouble, and even if you are not budging about the plastic, find out if your store provides paper or plastic bag recycling bins, so you do not end up hoarding bags at your house for no reason. Another habit I encourage you to try is giving unwanted possessions such as clothes, or old toys, to a specific organization that can reuse them. Unfortunately, some people recycle which will never go any further than cans or plastic, but for others looking to go that extra mile, try organizing trash within the household. You might be surprised that it could potentially become so much of a habit, by the end of the week you will see such a noticeable difference between how much trash there really is, versus what should have been recycled all along.

The greatest reward for living an environmentally healthy lifestyle would be the gratification that comes with living green. Not to mention, if everyone, including myself, did their part to conserve water, and electricity and recycle more, this would easily result in a much cleaner world for our life and for generations to come. The reality of it is if humans do not continue to make this subject a priority then it is safe to say we are in a great deal of trouble. I wrote this essay in hopes to generate a different outlook on living green and how simple it can be if everyone just puts their minds to it. My hope is by reading this essay; people will take responsibility and ownership so we can start to put the environment’s needs before our own. Without Earth, we have nowhere to go, so why not save it while we still can?

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Going Green
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