Government Intervention on Decreasing the Emission of CO2 to Prevent Global Warming

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Global warming is a looming issue that affects the future of everyone and should be considered at a time when technology is developing so rapidly. More and more countries are industrializing, and the earth’s atmosphere has changed greatly in the past 200 years since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Global warming is a problem that does not have an immediate solution but rather a change that has to be developed over time. If solutions are not found quickly enough, the lasting effects may damage the world that we live in forever.

Ever since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the 1800s, there has been an increase in the release of CO2 into the atmosphere by factories and technology that uses resources such as coal and gasoline to problems with pollution and this can “harm the health of the people” (page 1, USA today). Many health complications are present in people who live in high urban areas due to pollution. The rising temperatures that are caused by the rise of CO2 levels in the greenhouse gases can also bring complications and raise sea levels (page 2, Eli Kintisch).

There will also be climate changes which can cause droughts. This will threaten the lives of humans and disrupt not only the environment but also the economy and well-being of humans in all different aspects.

Political officials are starting to recognize this impact and change by creating new laws and awareness of the rise in temperatures. The government is starting to get involved with this because the effects are becoming so big and impacting the world with environmental problems.

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The US government and governments around the world are trying to change their ways by incorporating more renewable resources and reducing CO2 levels (page 3, NRDC).

Many small islands around the world or coastal countries are aware of the rise of ocean levels because they may not exist shortly (page 2, DC).

Some people do not believe that the thought of global warming is real and that the idea is simply a myth (page 1, James Delingpole). Others believe that it is just climate change that is going on in certain areas of the world but not affecting the atmosphere as a whole. This is because there is evidence that the arctic glaciers are melting but the antarctic glaciers are not and some evidence shows that they have grown instead of melted. The idea that the world’s temperature rising overall is not believed by all people despite the trend in the temperature patterns. Others believe that this change is temporary and will not create a permanent impact.

Global warming will be a continuous controversial topic as there is more production of CO2. There is more release of CO2 due to the increased use of automobiles and production of factories and even an increase in the population of people. This production into the atmosphere will cause the trap of heat and increase the overall temperature. As there is a slow increase in temperature in the future, there will be more controversies and also dramatic effects.

Although not all people believe that this is true, there needs to be an awareness of this topic before it is too late.

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Government Intervention on Decreasing the Emission of CO2 to Prevent Global Warming
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