Green Office Practices

The following sample essay on “Green Office Practices”: tells about how offices are followed to reduce the ecological footprint and greenhouse emissions of an office.


Today environmental issues are seen everywhere in this world. The ecological issues are very crucial in global warming, industrial waste disposal, e-waste disposal, climate change, and pollution. Government and Pollution Control Board insist on the protection of the environment, but many corporates do not properly follow the regulations, because the green office practices are highly expensive.

Green office practices are good for the environment, office, employees, and nature.  Green office practices are followed to reduce the ecological footprint and greenhouse emissions of an office. If any changes are any regulation is not easily accepted, because the human beings are not ready to accept the changes. But, now the regulations and environmental safety measures are strictly followed. The Government should encourage the green office practice followers, to give incentives, subsidies, and awards for the best environmental protection organization.


Green office practices are suitable for the office environment; it reduces the emissions and fumes of industry. Green office practices are suitable for all sizes of offices and all kinds of organizations whether it is the public sector or private sector. Office premises and industries are used the energy consumption and office methods are properly followed. Green office improves environmental awareness and savings of the energy resources and benefits to the industry, environment.

Green Practices

Recycling: Recycling is one of the most important and effective ways for industry to become greener way.

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The Environmental Protection Agency states that approximately 75 percent of solid waste thrown away is recyclable. Recycling has many benefits including wastage cost reduction, making savings for a new purchase, reducing the selling price, and increasing the standard of living in the society.

Energy-saving: Energy saving is one of the best ways for reducing the cost of a product. The LCD and LED bulbs are used to save electricity. The company can install the occupancy sensors for office premises, the rooms are not in use such as bathrooms, cloakrooms, and conference halls which automatically switch off the lighting when the rooms become vacant. Reduce the heating and cooling cost: According to the Department of Energy, warm air escaping from a building equates to around 20 percent of the heating cost. Preventing drafts by weather-proofing doors sealing window frames and other leaks can significantly reduce heating costs in a building.

Greenways to travel: Greener ways to travel motivate the employees to come to the office travel by walking or cycling. If cycling or walking to work is not possible encourage the staff to share lifts to help cut down on the emissions being produced on the commute to work. Virtual staffing: In virtual staffing as such staff should not have to travel to the workplace. The staff in their locations are doing the jobs this is an effective way for small business to reduce their carbon footprint.

Operations of the green office

Office equipment and appliances: New machines, products, and appliances are only purchased. An office has equipped with environmentally friendly and eco-labeled phones, laptops, and monitors. Most of the stationery items are using environmentally friendly technology. Using eco-labeled printing paper and envelopes also ensures that the raw material originates from sustainable forestry.

Heating, lighting, and equipment: With the aid of a simple temperature and humidity sensor, the temperature and humidity of the office shall be monitored and keep them within the optimal range.Cleaning: Environmentally friendly cleaning products such as vinegar citric acid frosh can be used. The office uses eco-friendly dishwashing liquid and dishwashing sponge made from recycled material. Water after dishwashing is reused for cleaning the floor or flushing the toilet.

Set up a collaborative online workspace: The team members and employees of a company can communicate with their employees through the online methods not follow the traditional methods. The traditional methods are involving cost and are time-consuming. But online communication is faster and has minimum cost. Reusable dishes: The employees can use reusable dishes and silverware instead of paper and plastic plates. The reusable dishes are initially involved a high cost but it has a long life. Use natural lights: Office has shall use the natural sunlight it gives good light. The office has proper ventilation and sunlight is essential.

Benefits of green office

The eco-friendly environment creates a healthy and congenial atmosphere in the working place. Green office practices motivate the employees that they are working very peacefully and happily. This peaceful working environment creates improved productivity and profitability. A healthy and peaceful environment improves good health conditions and creates good habits in their daily life. The canteen provides organic food to their employees they protect their health condition and increase their nutrition level. A green office practice gives a holistic and congenial environment of the working condition it reduced emissions and creates an eco-friendly environment.


The green office practices give many benefits to the environment and people. So, the businessmen and entrepreneurs implement the green office practices in their offices they save their environment, save money, social and economic profits. The Government strictly insist the green office practices and impose tax benefits and subsidy on businessmen. Planting solar panels instead of electric power, the Government gives more importance to the business. So every citizen creates a good environment in their daily life and official life.

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