Green Strategies

The Government imposes different rules and regulations on environmental protection, through the Environmental Protection Agency. Such laws directly affect businesses, in particular the manufacturing industries, which have large environmental contaminants. Moreover, consumers now buy green companies ‘ goods and place pressure on companies to go green. Some companies that did not accept green strategies lost their businesses. The Department of Environment and Climate Change of New South Wales (DECC) is the agency responsible for environmental regulation by the 1997 Environmental Protection Operations Act (EPOA).

Businesses must receive permits and undergo sustainability instruction for their workers. Strict sanctions and fines will go to individuals and businesses that are averse to legislation and pollute water, soil, property, and waste management illegally. Therefore, companies must regularly educate themselves on environmental regulations to avoid prosecution.

Let’s suppose a mid-sized company named Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc was having issues with the disposal of their waste. This could have been avoided through great corporate responsibility. Those businesses that do not monitor their waste are not just polluting; they breach the fundamental rights of everybody who lives on this planet (The Business Ethics Workshop, 2012, p.


The ability to create strategies for corporate environmental responsibility would strengthen and allow the company to move forward. By eating this within the internal environment, it is possible to develop an alternative perspective on how the social responsibility of environmental concerns can be improved by implementing productive processes and strategies in an organization to change developments effectively focused on a greener setting.

The goal is to improve the efficiency of a company specifically by designing strategies and enforcing legislation for environmental practices in the field of work.

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The initiatives require improvements in the use of natural resources.

Environmental issues are directly linked to corporate culture and the ability to improve what is done in a business. ThrouByting technological innovation, trusting in governmental regulation, and trusting in the philosophy of corporate responsibility, companies will adapt to an evolving environment (The Business Ethics Workshop, 2012, p. 656).


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