Greenhouse Dases Are Very Harmful

I have found that many of us have similar view points on the subject of climate change, but there are also significant points the opinions that differ;

1)First, we have all examined and read the evidence that the Earth’s climate is changing and has been throughout history. You don’t believe that human activity is a primary cause of global warming or even a major issue in general. I believe that humans have contributed significantly to the issue of global warming.

2)Second, you believe that if humans are the primary cause of global warming that in order to fix the issue, it would cost too much money and resources to fix and would take away the innovations created that have benefited our society. If we were to follow through with fixing the situation, we would go back to industrial time where there was little to no technology.

In regard to the first point I made, I would like to note that there have been many changes in global weather patterns.

Increasing temperatures is a major concern. With increasing temperatures, agriculture is affected, there is a less supply of food and workers are not productive or motivated to work. The global weather patterns have caused the earth to raise at an uncontrollable rate and is the reason for global warming.

The Earth’s temperature has increased by about one-degree Fahrenheit in the last 100 years and has caused the atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases to dramatically increase. Greenhouse gases are very harmful to earth.

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Greenhouse gases are a direct result of human activities like driving cars and burning of fossil fuels. You believe that the planet is too big to be affected by the emissions and that the earth is capable of absorbing the large amount of emissions.

Being able to see the change for myself, aided in my opinion on how climate change is actually occurring. In my hometown, the summers are really hot, and the winters are not as cold as they use to be. By the time school started I would be wearing jeans but that has changed over time. It would start getting cold around September/October but now it does not get cold until late November. Winter will usually last until February where as it would last till late March.

In regard to the second point I made, finding a solution would be a lot of money and take away from the resources we have today. I am sure you would agree with me that it is convenient to be able to fly or drive somewhere whenever you want. More importantly, having nice living conditions, improved technology and communication. Humans are living longer due to these new innovations and lifestyles that have been created. If we were to take these innovations away, the human population would decrease due to the lack of innovations that would be taken away.

I believe that is has to come to the point where we cannot completely stop global warming, but we can construct an idea to conserve what humans are doing to cause and contribute to it.

After reading this letter, I hope we are able to accept each other’s position and opinion and go on to find a solution for the main problem. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on this issue, and I hope we can collaborate and come up with a compromise.

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Greenhouse Dases Are Very Harmful
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