The Greenhouse Effect

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Our world is suffering, and it is suffering from something people call the "Greenhouse" effect. The greenhouse effect is caused by humans overpollution of the earth. If we do not stop this soon the earth will "die".We have caused this over many years of over industrialization in thisgrowing world. We think that bigger is better, so we make vehicles bigger andbetter, and we make pretty much everything else bigger as well. So we makelarger factories to build these larger things, and these larger factoriesrelease larger amounts of pollution.

Scientist have been predicting the outcome of this change for years now,but none of these scientists believe in the same thing. The ones that do thinkthat it will come at a different time. So people are still optimistic on whatis going to happen, and when it is going to take place.First, to understand what the greenhouse effect is, we must firstunderstand what a Greenhouse is. A Greenhouse is a building made either ofclear plastic sheets, or of glass.

The sun's rays go through the glass, andheat up the air inside the building, and they have a hard time getting out.These rays get trapped inside the building, and continually heat the air inside,and even through the night the rays stay in and heat the air. The greenhouse isalso called a "HOT HOUSE" because it gets so hot.

The greenhouse effect is caused by gases such as carbon monoxide, carbondioxide, and nitrogen escaping into the atmosphere.

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These gases get trapped inthe ozone layer and do not let the suns rays escape very easily. This causesthe earth to warm up. This warming can cause droughts, and this would reallyaffect the farmers. This heating up will cause the plants and animals would die.


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The Greenhouse Effect
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