How Can You Help Animals That Need Help

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It’s no secret that we have too many animals to take care of. Our solution to this: shelters. The problem with shelters is that you can only house so many animals at once, feeding it, walking it, providing it a place to eat, playing with it, ect. The rest of the abandoned dogs just roam the streets, multiplying and creating feral children that have never had contact with humans. This means that they can never be socialized to live with humans as they are just too fearful.

These animals could be hit by a car or die of an infection very easily. To all of the animals out there, adoption is their way out. And you might just be their savior.

One reason to adopt is pet overpopulation. There are approximately 900 million dogs (75-85% roaming the streets uncontained). The exact number of cats globally is hard to measure, but it could be more that one billion. Most of these pets are either strays or feral.

Feral animals and strays are not only potentially dangerous to you, but these animals have been domesticated and need humans to thrive;feral cats live ½ the amount of time their pet counterparts, and if any street animal gets sick, they have to fight the illness themselves. These poor animals can never be loved by a family. They have to constantly worry about just surviving. If instead of buying a pet from a breeder, people adopted one, it would help pet overpopulation. If you’re looking for a certain breed, a shelter most likely has that breed.

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By adopting, your making room for another animal to be adopted. The sad truth of the matter is that millions of homeless animals get euthanized every year because there are simply too many. That animal could have had a beautiful home in a caring and loving family, living its life happily to the end of its days, but instead its at the bottom of a ditch, never knowing or experiencing what love is. When you adopt an animal, you are changing its life. It will be eternally grateful for you because you helped one of the many hurt, abused, abandoned, and neglected animals that desperately need a home that they can feel safe in. Not just from a shelter, but from the streets. So many animals are suffering because of our selfishness to let it get out of control. By adopting, you save a life.

Puppy mills are one of the many instances of abuse and neglect of innocent creatures. Puppy mills are essentially farms for puppies; large breeding facilities. Animals in horrible conditions are bred for the use of profit for the people that run these operations; often without necessary food or water. Because puppy mills are illegal, sellers of these puppies lie, saying that they are a good, licensed breeder, then go on to sell to unsuspecting people. Puppies from puppy mills often get sick and die within the next couple months of its life due to its mother’s poor conditions it was in while it was pregnant, and the uncleanliness of the entire place. The dogs are held in cages the majority of the day, only being let out to breed. The cages are dirty and multiple dogs are forced to live in it. The floor is caked in feces and the dogs are malnourished and have severe physical and emotional problems.

They are scared of everything and everyone, because they have lived their entire life from the beginning inside of a cage, and sadly, sometimes to the end. Puppy mills make money, and a lot of it, which is why the business is still going; there are currently an estimated 10,00 puppy mills just in the United States with hundreds of millions of dollars being made every year. Dogs in puppy mills are found with bleeding or swollen paws, feet falling through the wire cages, severe tooth decay, ear infections, dehydration, and lesions on their eyes, which often lead to blindness, that is, if they are found at all. Dogs that can’t breed anymore are killed without hesitation. They do it themselves. The dog is beaten, shot, drowned, or buried alive. The only hope these animals have is for somebody to rescue them and for them to be adopted. You might be their only hope. If you buy from a breeder…who knows?

That puppy might have just come from a puppy mill.

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